09:07 Colombian veterans involved in assassinating the president of Haiti Experts: They are very popular in the mercenary industry

Experts point out that Colombian veterans are a very popular choice in the mercenary industry. The picture shows the soldiers of Colombia.  (AFP)

Experts point out that Colombian veterans are a very popular choice in the mercenary industry. The picture shows the soldiers of Colombia. (AFP)

2021/07/11 09:07

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated. Haitian police said that 26 of the suspects involved in the assassination were Colombians and 2 Haitian Americans. Haitian and Colombian authorities also found out Many of the people involved in this case are veterans from the country. As for the behind-the-scenes ambassador and motive, it is still unknown. As for why the people involved were all Colombian soldiers, some military experts pointed out that Colombian soldiers are a very popular choice in the mercenary industry.

According to a report by Reuters, due to Colombia’s long-term internal turmoil, it provides the Colombian army with the opportunity to continuously train its soldiers. All Colombian men who are in service must serve in the army or the police system for at least one year before staying and becoming a professional. Soldiers may come from rural areas that have been severely damaged by the civil war, and becoming a professional soldier is one of the few jobs for Colombian nationals born in poverty.

Elite senior soldiers who have received anti-terrorism training in the Colombian army may retire as early as 40 years old, and their pensions are very meagre. Many private mercenary companies look at the solid combat power of Colombian soldiers and will recruit them to become mercenaries. The commander of the Colombian Armed Forces (Luis Fernando Navarro) said that the recruitment of Colombian soldiers as mercenaries to travel around the world is a long-standing problem, and there is currently no law prohibiting this. For example, there are a large number of Colombian mercenaries in Dubai. The commander-in-chief of the Colombian Army, Eduardo Zapateiro, also admitted that Colombian soldiers are indeed often hired as mercenaries because they “have a wealth of experience.”

US National Defense University professor Sean McFate once pointed out in a 2019 report that in the mercenary market, the fees charged by Colombian soldiers are only a small part of the US or British veterans, but Colombian soldiers are becoming mercenaries. After the salary is 4 times as much as during the military service. A Colombian military source said that Colombian soldiers who have experience in counter-insurgency and urban counter-terrorism operations, as well as those trained in the United States, Israel and other countries, are usually recruited.

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