09:01 Delta variants are coming and Pfizer/BNT announces the development of an enhanced version of the vaccine

Pfizer/BNT is developing a booster against the Delta virus.  (Reuters)

Pfizer/BNT is developing a booster against the Delta virus. (Reuters)

2021/07/09 09:01

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) Delta variant virus disrupts the global epidemic prevention plan. Pfizer/BNT announced on Thursday that they are developing a booster against Delta virus.

“CNBC” reported that seeing the high transmission rate of Delta virus has become the main source of diagnosis in various countries, even if Pfizer believes that the third dose of the existing vaccine can obtain the highest level of protection against any variant, they are still cautious about this. Fear attitude and develop an upgraded version of the vaccine.

The company statement reads, “After reviewing official Israeli real-world data, the effectiveness of the vaccine will be reduced within 6 months after administration. At the same time, Delta virus has become a major confirmed case. These findings are consistent with our analysis in the third phase of the study. It is consistent. This is also our belief that the third dose will be administered within six months to one year after the complete vaccination.”

Pfizer said that the clinical research of the enhancer will start in August at the earliest, subject to the approval of the regulatory agency.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the data collected since June 6 show that the Pfizer vaccine has 64% protection against Delta variant infections, and the protection against severe illness and hospitalization is still 93%.

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