”09 Days Around the World”

Borussia Dortmund stirs up the summer with a series of virtual tour events 2021

From July 10 to 18, Borussia Dortmund stirs up the summer atmosphere with a series of events “9 days around the world”. This is a virtual tour of summer 2021, taking place in 9 countries on 3 continents including the US, Brazil, Poland, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and China. Powered by Evonik, the 2021 summer tour aims to connect the club with fans, communities and partners around the world.

“As the whole world is still struggling with the epidemic, we consider it especially important to connect fans, friends and associates around the world,” he said. Carsten Cramer, BVB Club CEO said. “Pioneer in the field of virtual tours, we have always shown the creativity, agility in planning activities of Borussia Dortmund. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, our efforts in digitization have become our breakthrough strength. We are getting ready for version 2.0 by portraying more deeply the spirit of BVB: strength, honesty, loyalty and aspiration. Of course, all of them wish to have actual tours. However, we are confident that we will bring Dortmund’s “Echte Liebe” slogan to our partners and fans around the globe to the fullest this summer.

With a smooth blend of digital content and on-site activities, BVB wishes to bring the 360° experience of Borussia Dortmund’s black and gold in the most creative and unique way. Global audiences will have the opportunity to meet legends and first team players, take on challenges with BVB’s young players, practice online.

This year’s event will have more attractive stops such as the US, Brazil, Poland, India and Korea, in addition to the destinations that made the event’s success. Especially at this year’s event, the global audience will have the opportunity to interact with celebrities and athletes, such as Indian baseball player KL Rahul, Korean left-back. Quoc Young-pyo Lee and BVB defender Lukasz Piszczek. The event promises to bring global cultural diversity to the audience of Borussia Dortmund.

Mr. Benedikt Scholz, Head of Global Economics at BVB, revealed the exciting activities that will be included in this year’s virtual tour:“First stop in the US, fans in New York had the opportunity to interact with a BVB player and legendary Patrick Owomoyela, along with participating in a brand promotion event at the Puma store. at 5th Avenue. Coming to Brazil, South American fans listened to an exclusive talk by BVB legends, Márcio Amoroso and Dedé, and came together to the Football Museum in São Paulo to attend an event. Special event to celebrate National Football Day in Brazil. And coming to China, this is the last stop of our journey, we will celebrate the title of German Cup champion in the 2020/21 season in four cities, bringing the DFB Pokal trophy to the fans. locally. Throughout the journey, we constantly challenge ourselves to create special events and hope to unite local fans with the name Borussia Dortmund..”


In addition to the country-specific themes, a highlight of the journey was the launch of the international BVB app. The application transmits engaging content and creates a bridge between the club and the fan audience; the Black and Gold team will have an online training session on Twitch to prepare for the friendly match; and the final round of the BVB Art Football Global Challenge, a partnership with the World Art Football Federation, which will conclude on the final day of the journey with a special performance by the champion World Art Football BVB Championship in Shanghai, China.

Highlights of the 2021 tour

July 10: America

· Exclusive meetup with Marco Reus and Patrick Owomoyela –

Tickets are limited, pre-registration required

· Puma NYC brand promotion event

· A surprise for NYC fans

July 11: Brazil

· Talk with Legend of BVB

· Meeting with the Legend of BVB at the football museum of São Paulo

· Evonik CSR events

July 12: Poland

The surprise visit of Lukasz Piszczek

· Virtual soccer clinic

July 13: India

· Challenge baseball with KL Rahul

· Visit the virtual stadium

· Virtual exchange with Hyderabad FC

July 14: Japan

· Exclusive Q&A session – children’s section

· Tour the city of Tokyo with Emma

· Online Charity Auction

July 15: Korea

· The launch of BVB Korea’s social media account, including special content with Young-pyo Lee

July 16: Vietnam

· Announced strategic cooperation with Next Media

· Launch of JustFootball Campaign app with 09 BVB Challenges

July 17: Singapore

· Lion City Sailors Football Club Challenge

· BVB City Tour

· EMMA green city maintenance day

July 18: China

· Cup display in 4 cities: Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang and Beijing

· Visit the virtual stadium and autograph Piszczek . players

· BVB Art Football World Champion’s performance with Cheny at Shanghai Harbor


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Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA

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