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07:51 Facing China’s ubiquitous suppression of Uyghurs in the United States: Uighurs and Hong Kong talents are the real Mulan

In the United States, Uyghurs believe that Uyghurs and young people in Hong Kong are

Uyghurs in the United States believe that Uyghurs and young people in Hong Kong are “the real Mulan.” (AFP)

2020/09/13 07:51

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The Disney movie “Mulan” had previously been boycotted by the heroine Liu Yifei publicly supporting the Hong Kong police. Recently, it was caught at the end of the film and thanked the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang, which made the backlash rise. In the United States, Uyghurs observed this controversy, emphasizing that Uyghurs who are looking for their parents, lovers, relatives, brothers and sisters, and young people in Hong Kong who stood up on the streets to protect their rights, “They are the real flowers. Mulan”.

According to a report by “Voice of America”, Jewher Ilham, who is currently engaged in Uighur rights protection work in Washington, D.C., mentioned that “Mulan” is one of her favorite Disney cartoons since she was a child. She was looking forward to it, but in Liu Yifei After publicly supporting the Hong Kong police, I was very disappointed with her and Hua Mulan. Because some scenes of “Mulan” were filmed in Xinjiang, Zhuer thought that millions of Uighurs were locked up in detention camps around the set while the film was being filmed. As a result, Disney was still right. The local public security department expressed her gratitude, which made her feel very heartbroken.

Zhu Er’s father, Ilham Tohti, a Uighur scholar, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Chinese government in 2014 for the crime of “secession of the country.” Zhu Er said that most people watch this film for entertainment, but if she watches In this film, one must think of family or friends “maybe in a concentration camp near the filming location.”

Zhu Er mentioned that the impression that “Mulan” brings to her now is that there is no bravery, freedom, or positive energy, only the word “loyal”, such as loyalty to the Chinese government, Disney’s loyalty to money, “Mulan” “Nor does it make people think of filial piety, because for her, “filial piety” is to save her father, which is completely contrary to the behavior of “Mulan” today.

Zhuer emphasized: “In my eyes, Uighurs who really speak out and make every effort to find their parents, lovers, relatives, brothers and sisters, and young people in Hong Kong who are on the street to protect their rights, I think they are In my eyes is the real “Mulan”.”

The younger brother of Washington lawyer Rayhan Asat, Ekbyr, was also detained in Xinjiang. Aceti believes that Disney’s public endorsement and propaganda to the government is shameful and hypocritical. This shows that Disney wants to treat the public. Using the topic of “women’s power” to make money while praising the country and government that committed crimes against humanity has completely changed the nature of the film.

Esseti pointed out that the 1998 “Mulan” showed the power of new women, which brought her a lot of encouragement to her in high school, but in 2020, many Uyghurs are looking for missing family members. Disney’s behavior and “Hua Hua” The value conveyed by the story of “Mulan” forms an ironic contrast, and she can no longer look at the live-action version of “Mulan” in 2020 in the same light.

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