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07:51                                      The two sessions of the Communist Party of China held discussions today. The first press conference yesterday was under siege to hide the epidemic.

Guo Weimin, spokesman for the two sessions of the CCP, was besieged by concealing the epidemic at the first press conference. (Picture taken from the Internet)

Guo Weimin, spokesman for the two sessions of the CCP, was besieged by concealing the epidemic at the first press conference. (Picture taken from the Internet)

2020-05-21 07:51:59

[Instant News / Comprehensive Report]The two sessions of the CCP will open in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing this afternoon and close on the afternoon of May 27. Yesterday, the relevant units held the first press conference. The reporters attacked the problems of concealment of the epidemic and serious economic downturn.

According to comprehensive media reports, the two sessions of the Communist Party of China adopted a method of downsizing and shortening the agenda this year, and refused foreign journalists to enter the venue. They were suspected to be uniform in terms of externality. , The deterioration of US-China relations and other issues.

The part of the information released by the official Chinese media was all answered by Guo Weimin, the spokesperson of the conference, but the content was to expose the existing problems.

In the epidemic, some reporters asked how to respond to some countries’ claims that China concealed the epidemic and caused it to spread to other countries. Guo Weimin admits that China has exposed shortcomings and deficiencies in the construction of major epidemic prevention and control systems and public health emergency management systems, but he has repeatedly stressed that China is open, transparent, responsible, and timely informs the international community of information. He also argued that “the so-called China’s concealment of the epidemic caused the epidemic to spread to other countries is unreasonable.”

Guo Weimin: Increased downward pressure on the economy, increased uncertainty and instability

In the economic part, Guo Weimin admitted that China’s macroeconomic indicators have declined significantly in the first quarter of this year. The downward pressure on the economy has increased. The current international epidemic situation continues to spread. Uncertainty and instability factors are increasing. But the CCP economy “has the overall advantages of a super-large economy, strong economic development resilience, huge potential, and room for maneuver.”

Guo Weimin: “China-US Decoupling” is not a good prescription

As the relationship between the United States and China deteriorated, Guo Weimin pointed out that some politicians in a few countries such as the United States politicized the epidemic out of domestic political needs or shirk responsibility or ideological prejudice, stigmatizing and discrediting China. However, Guo Weimin also responded that “China-U.S. Decoupling” is not a good prescription. Instead, he mentioned that all should not be divided and isolated, and strengthen cooperation to maintain the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain and prevent the world economy from falling into recession.

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