07:42 It is rumored that the Indonesian foreign minister will visit Myanmar for the first time after the coup d’état.

“Reuters” pointed out that Indonesian Foreign Minister Letno will fly to Myanmar on Thursday. (Reuters)

2021/02/24 07:42

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Since the Myanmar military launched the coup on February 1, the masses have continued to demonstrate and protest. The Myanmar military has also been criticized by Western countries. At present, many countries have imposed sanctions on the Myanmar military and high-level officials. “The report pointed out that Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi plans to fly to Myanmar on Thursday. This is also the first time that Myanmar has visited by a foreign envoy since the coup.

“Reuters” obtained internal documents stating that Letnor will arrive in the Burmese capital Naypyidaw on Thursday morning and will leave in a few hours. Regarding the possible visit to Myanmar by Letnor, the spokesperson of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the Letnor people are in Thailand and may go to other Southeast Asian countries in the future, but she could not confirm her movements.

A few days ago, news pointed out that Indonesia called on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to support the re-election of the Burmese military government to allow the military government to fulfill its promise of “re-election,” but this move aroused dissatisfaction among the Burmese masses. However, Letnor issued a statement yesterday, stating that an inclusive democratic transition should follow the wishes of the Burmese people. “Any further action is a way to end.” She also mentioned that Indonesia is very concerned about the situation in Myanmar and supports The safety and well-being of the Burmese people and the Burmese people is also the top priority at the moment.

In response to the news of Letnor’s possible visit to Myanmar, the Myanmar militant group “The Future Nation Alliance” believes that Letnor’s visit is equivalent to “recognizing the military government” and strongly opposes Indonesia sending government envoys to Myanmar and launching a coup. Of the regime to formally communicate.

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