06:46 Singapore’s health director warns: China Kexing vaccine may have a breach risk

China used Kexing vaccine to launch waves of

China used Kexing vaccine to launch waves of “vaccine diplomacy” offensive, but it was reported that 350 Indonesian medical staff were diagnosed with the disease after being vaccinated with the vaccine. (AFP)

2021/06/20 06:46

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[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]Singaporeans have been vaccinated for the first time against the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease COVID-19) vaccine developed by China Kexing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. on the 18th. Many people who rushed to vaccinate on the first day were Chinese citizens because They believe that injecting vaccines made in China will allow them to return home without having to sit in isolation. However, Kenneth Mak, Director of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health of Singapore, warned that according to the situation of confirmed cases in other countries where Kexing vaccine was administered, the vaccine may be at risk of vaccine breach!

According to a report by the Malaysian Chinese-language media “China Daily”, at the video press conference of the Interagency Working Group on Anti-epidemic Working Group held on the 18th, Singapore had already consulted the countries that had received a large number of vaccines before using the Coxing vaccine, such as After the experience in Indonesia, the above phenomenon was discovered.

The clinical protection of Kexing vaccine is only over 50%. In February, it was reported that medical staff in Indonesia died of the infection after being vaccinated with Kexing vaccine. A few days ago, more than 350 doctors and nurses were notified that they were still infected with the more infectious Delta mutant virus after being vaccinated with Kexing vaccine.

McGover said: “This is not a problem related to Pfizer vaccine, but a problem related to Coxing vaccine. Many countries have begun to consider whether to receive the third dose of vaccine, and some even plan to do so in half a year. So. This shows that the effectiveness of individual vaccines will vary, so we have confidence in the Pfizer and Modena vaccines currently in use.”

McSiver also said that the Singapore Health Sciences Agency is still waiting for Kexing to provide information on the quality and safety of the vaccine before it can complete the assessment.

Half of Singapore, with a total population of 5.7 million, has injected at least one dose of Pfizer or Modena vaccine. Clinical trials of these two vaccines have shown that the protection is more than 90%, far exceeding the 51% of China Kexing.

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