05:30 Politician Internet celebrities incited Indonesians to buy anthelmintics to “anti-epidemic”

(Reuters file photo)

(Reuters file photo)

2021/07/09 05:30

[Compiled by Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report]Although science has not yet proven that the oral deworming drug “Ivermectin” can fight Wuhan pneumonia, Indonesians still ignore warnings from the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical companies and Indonesian authorities, and listen to politicians and social media The celebrity endorsed “It’s worth a try”, hoarding the “Elixir” frantically, even if you eat a “placebo”, you can feel at ease; because the strange goods can be lived in, each bottle has been called from the original one hundred and seventy-five thousand (about NT $ 377) to the current thirty-seven. Ten thousand rupiah (about five hundred and seventy-seven Taiwan dollars).

In the past one and a half years, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Indonesia has exceeded 240 thousand, exceeding six. Thirty thousand people died. Since last month, the highly contagious Delta variant virus found in India in October last year has severely raged, and the number of people infected daily this month has increased by two. Forty thousand soared to three. Forty thousand, and the number of people who died in seven days exceeded one thousand. The main vaccines in China are suspected of insufficient protection. Ivermectins are sold by the National Pharmacy Administration.

But not only in South Asia and Southeast Asia, but also in Brazil, South Africa, and Lebanon, demand for ivermectin has surged under the instigation of anti-vaccine activists and conspiracy theorists on the Internet. In this regard, the research and development pharmaceutical company “Merck” came forward to emphasize that the “potential efficacy” of this drug against Wuhan pneumonia has no “scientific basis”, and improper use may cause safety problems.

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