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05:30 One more crime of Li Zhiying involved in smuggling of 12 Hong Kong people


The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal overturned the decision of the High Court on December 23 last year to grant bail to the founder of the Hong Kong democratic

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal overturned the decision of the High Court on December 23 last year to grant bail to the founder of the Hong Kong democratic “One Media”, Li Zhiying. The picture shows Li Zhiying leaving the court on the same day and continuing to remand him. (Associated Press file photo)

2021/02/18 05:30

[Compiled by Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report]The National Security Service of the Hong Kong Police Force again opened up the case of 12 Hong Kong people who were smuggled to Taiwan on August 23 last year! Following the arrest of 11 people on the 14th of last month in the name of “conspiracy to assist criminals”, and on the 16th, the arrest was added to the crime of “conspiracy to collude with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security.” Two more people were arrested. Li Zhiying, the founder of the Hong Kong democrat “One Media” in prison, was arrested again.

The other is a 29-year-old paralegal assistant Chen Zihua who is a British citizen. He heard the case in West Kowloon Magistracy on the 17th. The Hong Kong police accused him of conspiring with Li Zhiying and his assistant Mark Simon, Hong Kong non-governmental protest organization “Hong Kong Story” member Li Yuxuan, and “anti-sending” actor Liu Zudi, who is also nicknamed “speculation”, and other people from July last year to the 15th of this month. , Requesting foreign or overseas organizations to impose sanctions, blockades, or take other hostile actions against Hong Kong or China, in violation of the “Port National Security Law.” From July to August 23 last year, Li Yuxuan conspired with Li Zhiying and others to assist Li Yuxuan who violated the “Hong Kong National Security Act” and was arrested on August 10 and fled to Taiwan, suspected of the “Criminal Procedure Ordinance.” “Conspiracy to assist a criminal” charge.

Hong Kong Security Act has arrested 98 people

More than seven and a half months since the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, 98 people have been arrested, and five of them have been formally prosecuted, including Chen Zihua and Li Zhiying, with the heaviest sentence of life imprisonment.

In addition to this case, Li Zhiying is currently involved in at least eight lawsuits. On December 23, last year, Li Zhiying accepted the bail conditions that were equivalent to house arrest, but the Attorney General immediately appealed to the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal the next day; and applied for an interim order requesting him to be detained again. On December 31 last year Successfully remanded in custody and successfully overturned the court’s bail decision on the 9th of this month. On the 16th, Li Zhiying appeared in court as the defendant in a rally on August 18 of the previous year. He denied the charge and renewed the case on the 17th. On the 18th, he was scheduled to review his bail reapplication. Unexpectedly, on the 17th, the aforementioned two latest charges were reported.

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