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05:30 Johnson wants to overturn the content of the Brexit agreement

British Prime Minister Johnson delivered a speech to senior government ministers in the Cabinet meeting at the Foreign Affairs and National Association Affairs Department (FCO) in London.  (Reuters)

British Prime Minister Johnson gave a speech to senior government ministers in the cabinet meeting at the Foreign and National Association Affairs Department (FCO) in London. (Reuters)

2020/09/08 05:30

[Compiled by Mao Yi/Comprehensive Report]British Prime Minister Johnson intends to use domestic legislation to overthrow some of the contents of the Brexit Treaty that was reached in October last year with the European Union, and set ten on the trade agreement with the European Union after Brexit. As soon as the deadline on the 15th of February is reached, once the negotiations between the two sides break down, they may fall into a state of chaos of “no-deal Brexit.” In this regard, the chief negotiator of the European Union (Michel Barnier) stated on the 7th that “everything that has been signed in the past must be kept.”

Three sources close to Johnson said that Johnson will introduce a bill in Congress this week to amend the Brexit treaty regarding the Northern Ireland region of the United Kingdom that will continue to apply EU customs territory and single market rules, as well as state subsidies after Brexit. specification. Johnson said on the 6th that for the agreement to take effect before the end of the year, Britain must reach an agreement with the European Union before the European Council on October 15. If the two parties cannot reach a consensus, a free trade agreement cannot be produced, and a model similar to that between the EU and Australia may be adopted to establish trade relations.

Barnier said he would ask David Frost, the chief negotiator of the UK, about the content of the report. Pakistan and Buddha will hold the eighth round of negotiations between Europe and Britain in London on the 8th. The attitudes of the two sides have become increasingly tough, accusing each other of refusing to make concessions.

In response to the aforementioned report, the British Prime Minister’s Office stated that it is still working to resolve the “unresolved” issues in the “Northern Ireland Protocol”, but is considering “filing.” Britain officially left the European Union on January 31, making Northern Ireland the only area in Britain that borders the European Union. According to the protocol, in order to ensure that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, a member of the European Union, remains open, there will be no “hard border”. Therefore, Northern Ireland will still follow some EU norms in the future.

Britain and Ireland signed the “Good Friday Agreement” (Good Friday Agreement) in 1998 to remove the border checkpoint between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and put an end to the 30-year violent conflict in Northern Ireland under British rule. Barnier pointed out that the prerequisite for peacekeeping in Northern Ireland is the absence of land borders. It is also a prerequisite for the economic unification of the entire island of Ireland and the protection of the integrity of the EU single market.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney also emphasized that Johnson’s move was “very stupid.” International trade law expert David Allen Green warned that as Britain and the European Union negotiate a post-Brexit bilateral trade agreement, tearing up the Brexit treaty is “the most unwise thing.”

The EU-UK Brexit transition agreement expires on December 31, and the UK is scheduled to leave the EU single market and customs union by then. If the two sides still fail to reach a new trade agreement by the end of this year, their products will face high tariffs and new import quotas. Johnson said that in order for the new trade agreement to take effect before January 1 next year, an agreement must be reached before the European Council on October 15. Bloomberg quoted anonymous European diplomats as reporting that if the British side does not respect its obligations, it will undermine its international status and ability to reach trade agreements. The diplomat also described Johnson’s plan to overthrow the Brexit treaty as a desperate move, “it will be self-defeating.”

On the other hand, European skeptics in the United Kingdom worry that Johnson’s move is to “pave the way” for him to reach a trade agreement with the EU at the last minute. There are even hardliners who are afraid of being “betrayed” by Johnson and suspect that Johnson and the EU have recently His discord is just “acting”, the purpose is to make the new trade agreement his diplomatic feat and to cover up the concessions he made during the negotiations.

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