05:30 If DQ wants to pay back millions of dollars in salary, Hong Kong district councillors will quit in 2 days and 71 people quit

A supporter held up a poster outside the West Kowloon Court on the 8th to support 47 democrats accused of conspiring to subvert state power for participating in the primary election.  (AFP)

A supporter held up a poster outside the West Kowloon Court on the 8th to support 47 democrats accused of conspiring to subvert state power for participating in the primary election. (AFP)

2021/07/09 05:30

[Compiled by Zhang Peiyuan/Comprehensive Report]A wave of requests for resignation from democratic district councilors has erupted in various district councils in Hong Kong on the 7th. As of 10 pm on the 8th, a total of at least 71 district councilors have asked for resignation in the past two days. The democrats left because the Hong Kong government required the district councilors to swear allegiance. However, more than 200 democrats district councilors were disqualified from taking the oath due to support for the “anti-sent to China” movement and other factors. As a result, a large number of democratic congressmen resigned before the oath to be held this month, and criticized Hong Kong’s current draconian law in power, and there is no room for opposition.

More than 400 seats in Hong Kong are estimated to be DQ

On the 7th, Hong Kong media quoted sources as reporting that the Hong Kong government will write to more than 400 district councillors in Hong Kong in the near future, requesting an oath to uphold the “Basic Law” and allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and to specify the qualifications for the oath. It is estimated that there will be 220 to 23. ○Democratic district councillors will be denied their seats for failing to qualify for the oath, and will be charged for their salary for one and a half years since they took office. Each person is about one million Hong Kong dollars (about three to six fifty thousand Taiwan dollars).

It is believed that the Hong Kong government will be listed as a district councillor who is not eligible to take an oath. Most of them participated in the “Return to the Movement” before the election, or showed the “Hong Kong Independence” slogan or related words and deeds in the district council after the election. Send people. Since those who had resigned before the Hong Kong government sent the letter were not included in the salary being sought, a large number of democratic district councillors who had admitted that they would be ineligible to take the oath have announced their resignations in succession, including the chairpersons of the district councils.

Many district councillors who resigned apologized to voters and vowed to continue to serve the people. They also lamented that the political situation in Hong Kong has deteriorated so sharply in the past two years that they cannot continue to hold on to their posts under the existing system. Eastern District Councillor Wang Zhenxing complained bitterly when he announced his resignation on Facebook. Many MPs, primary candidates, media workers, and even Hong Kong citizens were arrested after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. “Today’s Hong Kong has already Can’t tolerate any opposition.” Shatin District Councillor Liu Pak-kang also said that the “Hong Kong National Security Law” and “Patriots Ruling Hong Kong” are meant to block all opposition voices in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong democrats won a landslide victory in the district council elections at the end of 19 by relying on their accumulated popularity in the “anti-transmission” movement, sweeping 388 seats out of a total of 452 seats in the district councils. More than half a year later, the Hong Kong government implemented the National Security Law in July 2020, and subsequently amended the Hong Kong Public Officials Oath Ordinance to include district councilors who were not originally required by the Basic Law to take an oath. At that time, more than 30 district councilors asked Resignation.

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