05:30 Defending human rights Biden: China will pay the price

U.S. President Biden participated in CNN's talks with the people in Wisconsin on the 16th.  (AFP)

U.S. President Biden participated in CNN’s talks with the people in Wisconsin on the 16th. (AFP)

2021/02/18 05:30

Said Xi in order to unify and rationalize what he did

[Compiled by Guan Shuping/Comprehensive Report]US President Biden attended the first meeting with the people after taking office on the 16th, and talked about policy issues such as fighting the epidemic and revitalizing the economy during the citizen meeting program hosted by CNN. When talking about China, Biden said that China will pay the price for its human rights violations.

Biden was asked about a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping a few days ago, stating that the United States “must stand up and speak for human rights”, “China will bear the consequences, and he (Xi Jinping) understands”, “What I am doing is to show that we want to continue to revive. Our role as human rights spokespersons in the United Nations and other institutions that influence their attitudes.” Biden said that Xi Jinping’s central principle is that there must be a unified and strictly controlled China, and he rationalizes what he has done based on this.

Anti-Xi’s actions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and his actions against Taiwan

Biden emphasized that the president of the United States must represent the values ​​of the United States, that is, to defend human rights. “I told him that if the president of the United States cannot represent the values ​​of the United States, it will be difficult to hold the position of president. Therefore, I will not express my opposition one by one. What he did in Hong Kong, Xinjiang Uyghurs and Taiwan, trying to end the one-China policy by force. He understands that every country has different cultural norms and leaders are expected to abide by it.

Conservatives criticize and downplay the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues

Biden also said, “China is striving to become a world leader. To enjoy this title and to be able to achieve this, it must gain the trust of other countries. As long as they continue to act in violation of basic human rights, it is very difficult to obtain.” He ended this topic with the topic of China issues and overall China policy “much more complicated. I shouldn’t try to talk about China policy in ten minutes on TV.” However, Biden said that “every country has different cultural norms,” ​​which immediately attracted conservatives to criticize and downplay the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues.

The leader of Canada’s main opposition Conservative Party, Erin O’Toole, called on the government to pressure the government on the grounds that China has committed genocide against Xinjiang Uyghurs, is also establishing a police state in Hong Kong, and arbitrarily imprisoning two Canadians. The Olympic Committee (IOC) canceled Beijing’s right to host the 2012 Winter Olympics. If the right to host the Beijing Winter Olympics cannot be revoked, it should also consider boycotting it.

However, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau hesitated to set the tone for “genocide,” calling it “extremely a term with established views.” He said, “There is no doubt” that there have been significant human rights violations in Xinjiang, “but when it comes to using the very clear word “genocide”, we need to ensure that the details of the matter are thoroughly clarified.”

Former Canadian ambassador: the United States should take the lead in boycotting the Winter Olympics

180 rights groups representing Tibet, Uighurs, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong residents, etc. issued an open letter this month calling for a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics; former Canadian ambassador to China, Guy Saint-Jacques, said that the United States should take the lead in boycotting. “We know that China has already said that it will severely punish any country that dares to speak out and suggest that the Olympics be held elsewhere, but for democratic countries, they have to think about how history will judge us.” If everyone acts together, it will make it difficult for China. To punish a single country, “the only one who can stand up against China is the United States.”

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