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05:30 Confucius Institutes withdraw from all-American campuses before the end of the year

Since March, China and the United States have fallen into the lowest ebb since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979.  (Associated Press file photo)

Since March, China and the United States have fallen into the lowest ebb since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979. (Associated Press file photo)

2020/10/17 05:30

[Compiled by Zhou Hongwen/Comprehensive Report]Following August 13th, US Secretary of State Pompeo requested the “Confucius Institute U.S. Center” (CIUS), which is suspected to be a propaganda tool of the Chinese Communist Party, to register for “foreign missions”, the first of last month I bluntly hope that all “Confucius Institutes” in the United States will be completely withdrawn from university campuses by the end of this month. We will further roll out the names on the 15th of this month. I hope that all American schools at all levels will close “Confucius Institutes” before the end of the year. Get rid of the CCP’s political brainwashing this year.

Pompeo accepted an exclusive interview with a number of radio programs on the 15th, emphasizing that the risks posed by the CCP are “real” and not politically out of reach. He said that in the past, regardless of whether the Republicans or Democrats were in power or in control of the Congress, they would all “kneggle” to the CCP and allow the other party to “trample us”; but the current Republican President Trump is working hard to correct this, which is beneficial to American employment and safety. .

He also pointed out that the CCP has also put on a mask to influence the next generation of the United States from education. The Confucius Institutes in public kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools in the United States have been stationed on American campuses in the name of cultural exchanges. In fact, they are propagating and brainwashing American children. People cannot accept it.” He emphasized that the Confucius Institute is an external propaganda organization of the CCP. We require every school to close the Confucius Institute before the end of the year, “not only colleges, but also schools at all levels from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12).”

Pompeo pointed out that “money” is the problem. Whether it is American companies wanting products to enter the Chinese market or American universities receiving subsidies from the CCP, it all shows that the CCP’s use of money “subverts our democracy and undermines our way of life.” , All unacceptable. But he emphasized that the U.S. government will try to provide guarantees for schools and find other sources of financial resources for the children, so as to prevent schools from dealing with the CCP for their livelihoods and falling into “unacceptable transactions.”

According to statistics from the American non-profit organization “National Association of Scholars”, “Confucius Institutes” were stationed in more than 100 universities in the heyday of the United States, but since last year, at least 39 have been closed.

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