05:30 At least 18 people were killed when two landmines exploded in central Syria

2021/03/08 05:30

[Central News Agency]Syrian state-run media reported that two landmines exploded in the central province of Hama today, causing a tragedy of at least 18 deaths and 3 injuries. All the dead were civilians.

The Syrian state-run TV station “News Channel” (Al-Ikhbariya) pointed out that the incident occurred in a rural area near the city of Salamiyah in Hama province. The two mines that exploded were planted by terrorist organizations in the past.

The Syrian Arab News Agency reported that all the dead were civilians.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in the United Kingdom, pointed out that these people were probably killed while collecting truffles.

The Syrian civil war has lasted for nearly 10 years, killing more than 387,000 people and displacing millions of people.

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