03:45 U.S. top fuel pipeline company was attacked by hackers and shut down all networks

2021/05/09 03:45

[Central News Agency]The Colonial Pipeline, the top fuel pipeline operator in the United States, has shut down the entire network after being attacked by a cyber attack. Industry sources said that hackers used ransomware to launch attacks. The colonial pipeline is the source of nearly half of the fuel supply on the east coast of the United States.

Reuters reported that the Colonial Pipeline Company, through its 8,850-kilometer pipeline connecting the Gulf Coast refinery with the eastern and southern United States, transports 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other oil products a day.

The colonial pipeline issued a statement saying that after learning of the cyber attack on the 7th, the system had been shut down to deter threats. This temporarily suspended operations and affected some information technology (IT) systems.

Although the investigation by the US government is still in its early stages, a former US government official and two industry sources said that the hackers are likely to be highly specialized cybercriminal groups. Investigators are examining whether it was done by a hacker group called the “DarkSide” by the cybersecurity research community.

DarkSide has always been known for deploying ransomware and ransomware victims, while selectively avoiding former Soviet countries as targets.

Two cybersecurity industry sources familiar with the matter said that hackers used ransomware to launch attacks. This kind of malware uses encrypted data to lock the system and requires payment of a ransom in exchange for unblocking. This kind of software has become more and more rampant in the past 5 years.

The colonial pipeline stated that it has commissioned a third-party cybersecurity industry to investigate and notify law enforcement and other federal agencies.

The colonial pipeline did not disclose further details, nor did it explain how long its pipeline will be closed.

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