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03:45 Beijing’s growing influence, Estonia warns that China wants to silence the world


2021/02/18 03:45

[Central News Agency]The foreign intelligence unit of the Baltic state of Estonia today warned of China’s growing influence, saying that China wants “a world that has been silenced and dominated by Beijing.”

The unit also mentioned that the world is increasingly relying on Chinese technology and that China is “following Russia’s precedent” to spread false information.

Agence France-Presse reported that Estonia has always focused on its huge neighbor Russia, but in recent years it has increasingly talked about China’s influence.

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Unit pointed out in its annual report: “China’s main goal is to create differences between the United States and Europe.”

“China understands very well that a divided Europe will be a weak opponent, and its resistance to China cannot be as strong as the United States.”

“Implementing China’s foreign policy dogma, or creating a “community of destiny”, will produce a world that is silenced and dominated by Beijing.”

The head of the foreign intelligence unit, Mikk Marran, also stated in the report’s preamble that China’s “activities have caused new security issues every year.”

Ma Lan also pointed out that “China-Russia cooperation has become closer, and the relationship between the two sides is mainly dominated by Beijing.”

Before Estonia released the above report, Chinese President Xi Jinping held an online meeting with officials from 17 Central and Eastern European countries this month. At the meeting, Xi Jinping promised to increase imports of goods from these countries to China. But the Baltic States only sent ministerial officials to the meeting.

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