01:36 The Biden government will give more than 5.6 billion yuan to the WHO before the end of the month

2021/02/18 01:36

[Central News Agency]US Secretary of State Blinken said today that after the new government overthrew the previous plan to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States will pay more than US$200 million (about NT$5.6 billion) to the world before the end of the month. WHO.

The United States has always been the world’s largest financial aid country, and the above-mentioned payments are the amounts that the United States has previously committed to the WHO.

Agence France-Presse reported that Antony Blinken said at a COVID-19 video conference of the UN Security Council today: “This is our country’s fulfillment of its financial obligations as a member of the WHO. This is an important step and reflects our country’s renewed commitment to ensure that the WHO receives the necessary support to lead the global response to this pandemic.”

“The United States will serve as a partner in responding to global challenges. This epidemic is such a challenge. We not only have the opportunity to survive the current crisis, but we can also prepare for the future and become more resilient.”

Brinken said that the United States will also “provide important financial support” to the Global Access Mechanism for COVID-19 Vaccines (COVAX). This mechanism is a global plan to distribute vaccines to poor countries.

The United States is the country with the largest number of deaths from the epidemic so far. Former President Donald Trump has been criticized for his domestic fight against the epidemic.

During his tenure, Trump announced that he would withdraw from the WHO. He believed that the WHO was controlled by China and had not adequately prevented the epidemic.

Although the new President Joe Biden immediately canceled his decision to withdraw from the WHO after taking office, the Biden administration also pressured China to provide more information to the WHO team investigating the origin of the virus.

Blinken said: “All countries should provide all information from the early stages of any disease outbreak.”

“From now on, all countries should participate in transparent and sound procedures to prevent and respond to public health emergencies, so that the world can obtain information as quickly and as possible as possible.”

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