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01:19 Anti-Chinese group Tokyo march, Japanese call on Taiwan and Japan to jointly support Hong Kong

2020-07-13 01:19:01

[Central News Agency]Hong Kong people and Uyghurs in Japan held a joint parade against the Communist Party of China in Tokyo today. Before the parade, the Japanese civil society “Taiwan Studies Forum” President Yongshan Yingshu called on Taiwan and Japan to join forces to fight against China and support Hong Kong and Uyghurs. People wait.

The implementation of the “National Security Act of the Hong Kong District” that undermines Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy has recently aroused great concern from the international community. The joint parade hosted by the “Japan Uyghur Association” and Stand with [email protected] will be held today in Harajuku, Shibuya and other busy areas. Hong Kong people, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Inner Mongolians, Taiwanese and Japanese in Japan Hundreds of people participated in the parade under the bright sun.

The organizer issued a statement at the rally before the parade departure, stating that the CCP’s enactment of the “National Security Law for the Port Area” undermined Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy, and also abandoned its 50-year commitment to maintaining one country, two systems. The Umbrella Movement in 2014 and the Democracy Demonstration Movement last year were all done by Hong Kong people for freedom and democracy. However, such a voice has been completely ignored by the CCP and will be regarded as criminals in the future.

The statement said that the CCP forcibly imprisoned 3 million innocent Uyghurs in compulsory shelters for brainwashing education, forcing Uyghurs to abandon their unique culture and traditions, and forcing them to be loyal to the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese President Xi Jinping. In addition, criminal acts such as torture, ill-treatment, and unexplained drug treatment were carried out in the shelter, and even inhumane criminal acts such as forcing Uyghurs to work, undergoing sterilization, and selling organs.

The organizer pointed out that Hong Kong people and Uyghurs are facing the most tragic era in history. The same situation is happening in Inner Mongolia and Tibet. China’s brutal atrocities are expanding from East Asia to the world. Everyone should be brave to say “no” to the CCP. Just lamenting or waiting for the hero to appear, you should cooperate to end the atrocities of the CCP.

Yongshan Yingshu said loudly with a microphone before the departure of the parade. After Hong Kong, the CCP wanted to win Taiwan, because if it could not win Taiwan, the CCP regime would be subverted. Japan and Taiwan must join forces against China and further support Hong Kong, Uyghurs, Inner Mongolia, etc.

He also said that everyone must speak up and strive for the support of the international community. Taiwan and Japan are currently democratic countries that are not ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, and both have a mission.

In the parade, many young people held high the banner of “Recover Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times” on black and white, and some even held the banner of “Hong Kong Independence”. This group of people shouted “Withdrawal of the National Security Act of the Port Area” and “Recovery” The slogans “Hong Kong” and “Give Hong Kong freedom”, the team walked to the Shibuya station, known as the world’s most popular crossroads, attracting many people’s attention.

The parade also saw Japanese holding up slogans such as “Japan should also enact the Hong Kong Human Rights Law”, “Xi Jinping is not suitable for visiting Japan as a state guest”, and “Xi Jinping will not come to Japan again.” (Editor: Chen Yanjun)

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