00:48 Russia expels Swedish diplomats

2021/02/06 00:48

[Central News Agency]Russia expelled the Swedish diplomat because the diplomat had participated in a demonstration in St. Petersburg in solidarity with the opposition opinion leader Aleksej Navalnyj. Other Polish and German diplomats deported by the Moscow authorities.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that observing the political development of the host country is an important task of diplomats, and it is the duty of diplomats to observe this parade.

The Swedish Evening News (Alftonbladet) reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the diplomat was deported, but it has not yet grasped the details of the parade and the information when it must leave the country.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde ended his visit to Moscow earlier this week. Linde visited as a representative of the presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to discuss issues including women, peace and security, and focus on conflicts in Ukraine and Belarus within the organization.

Linde also criticized Russia’s violence against peaceful gatherings and journalists, and called on Moscow to release Navani. (Editor: Xu Ruicheng)

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