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00:30 Pro-COSCO Cambodia confirms the demolition of the second US-owned military facility

2020/11/11 00:30

[Central News Agency]Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Tea Banh confirmed to AFP today that the second US-funded military installation has been demolished without warning. The US Embassy in Cambodia today reprimanded and expressed disappointment.

The Cambodian authorities razed to the ground in September this year the US-funded “National Maritime Security Council Tactical Headquarters” at the Ream naval base on the southern coast. In October this year, they completely demolished a maintenance facility built by the United States in 2017 at the Ream base.

Chad Roedemeier, a spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia, told AFP: “We are disappointed that the Cambodian military authorities demolished another U.S.-funded maritime security facility without notice or explanation.”

At the strategic level, Yunyang’s naval base is located in the Gulf of Thailand, which can lead to the South China Sea where the important global shipping waterway is fiercely contested by many countries.

The United States pointed out last month that the United States is concerned that the demolition operations may be related to the Yunyang naval base plan to allow Chinese military assets and personnel to be stationed. But Diban insisted that Cambodia is acting on its own interests and has no obligation to inform the United States of its own plans.

The “Wall Street Journal” reported last year that China and Cambodia had negotiated a secret draft agreement that would allow Chinese warships to dock at the Yunyang Naval Base.

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