00:30 National Intelligence “Global Trends in 2040”: China’s competition with the West may intensify

The US National Intelligence Council released the

The US National Intelligence Council released the “Global Trends in 2040” report, which shows that the competitive relationship between China and the Western alliance led by the United States may intensify and it will be more prone to conflicts in the future. The picture shows US President Biden. (Reuters file photo)

2021/04/09 00:30

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) released a report “Global Trends in 2040” on Thursday, local time. The content indicates that the competitive relationship between China and the Western alliance led by the United States may intensify, making it easier in the future Conflicts occurred and the geopolitical environment was turbulent.

According to a report by Reuters, the US National Intelligence Council stated that affected by disease, the gap between the rich and the poor, climate change, and conflicts between countries, the world will face greater challenges in the next few decades. The current Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19, The novel coronavirus disease) epidemic has exacerbated some of these problems.

The National Intelligence Council of the United States stated that due to the transfer of military power and differences in issues such as population, technology, and governance models, the future competition between China and the Western alliance led by the United States may become more intense, and the major powers may impose greater imposing power. This move not only weakens international cooperation and leads to turbulence in the geopolitical environment, but also makes it more prone to conflicts.

The report also mentioned that challenges such as climate change, disease, financial crisis and technological destruction may occur more frequently and obviously in almost every country in the future, putting pressure on the global society and bringing catastrophic impact. The current Wuhan pneumonia has caused more than 3 million deaths. It is the largest “global destruction” event since the Second World War, and its subsequent effects may continue for several years.

The report pointed out that the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has exposed and widened the gap in medical and health care capabilities between countries, increased the debts of some countries, and made nationalism and bipolar politics more obvious, expanded social inequality, and highlighted some The distrust of national citizens in the government also shows the failure of international cooperation. In this case, the progress of eliminating poverty, disease and gender inequality may slow down or even be reversed.

The report written by the National Intelligence Council assesses the political, economic, social, and other phenomena that will affect the national security of the United States in the next 20 years. The purpose is to help policymakers and people prepare for a series of possible events.

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