00:24 Kawasaki, a neighboring city in Tokyo, Taiwan Fair, pineapple board stage is beautiful

2021/03/01 00:24

[Central News Agency]A Taiwanese festival is being held in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, neighboring Tokyo. A Taiwanese opera stage is set up in the square with a large pineapple board with the words “Bright Taiwan” in the middle, attracting many parents and children to take pictures and check in.

The LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza in front of JR Kawasaki Station is the second-floor plaza of this commercial facility. The Taiwan Festival will be held from February 26th to March 4th. The event was hosted by a company under the Mitsui Group and co-organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

The organizer emphasized in its website promotion that this time the stage is set up to display pineapples, which in Taiwanese is a blessing “Wang Lai”. The stage is based on the traditional opera Taiwanese opera that originated in Yilan, Taiwan in the early 20th century. The colorful stage and the big pineapple board in the center of the stage attracted many people to take pictures. Many Japanese parents and children shuttled on the stage, feeling full of joy.

During the event, a Taiwan market was held on only two days on the 27th and 28th, selling Lurou Rice, Ribs Rice and Pearl Milk Tea and other delicacies. The Eslite Life Nihonbashi store, which has a cooperative relationship with the Mitsui Group, also has stalls selling Taiwanese groceries, food, and electric cookers. Taiwan Tourism Bureau set up booths for tourists to play the ring game, and also gave away many Taiwanese items, which made many parents and children laugh from ear to ear.

Zheng Yiping, director of the Tokyo Office of the Tourism Bureau, said that when a Taiwan tourism promotion booth was set up at a festival in the Northeast a few years ago, a variety of Taiwanese items were presented, including Taiwanese bananas. After China suspended the import of Taiwan pineapples, I am thinking about the future if there is a chance, it will give away Taiwan pineapple-related items during Taiwan sightseeing activities, such as pineapple cakes, which are very popular among Japanese.

Zhang Weizheng, who runs “Taiwan Danzi Noodles” in Shiodome, Tokyo, has a food stall that sells vegetables such as Taiwanese A, rice white bamboo shoots, and soybean sprouts, attracting many Taiwanese living in Japan to buy them. A woman surnamed Kaohsiung Huang who married to Kawasaki City brought her son to buy Taiwanese food and food, carrying large and small bags. She said that if Taiwanese pineapples are sold to Japan, she will definitely buy them.

The Central News Agency reported last night that the first container of pineapples exported to Japan this year in Pingtung County was closed and set sail yesterday. These pineapples will be sold through the Seiyu Supermarket in Japan. Many Taiwanese in Japan have promoted the matter on the Internet.

In addition to Taiwanese in Japan, even Japanese congressmen, after hearing about the “experience” of Taiwan pineapple, also supported Taiwan on Twitter.

Japanese Senator Noriyoshi Onoda wrote: “If you are afraid of financial losses or the other party’s difficulties and dare not take a firm attitude, then you will fall into the other party’s plan. For Taiwan, which shows a righteous and awe-inspiring attitude, I will eat pineapple. .”

Japanese Senator Hirofumi Takiba said on Twitter that he learned from the Pingtung County Mayor’s Facebook that he can buy Pingtung County’s golden pineapples at Seiyu Supermarket in Japan. He also said that if you want to buy Taiwanese pineapples, if you are in Fukui County, they should be sold at the Fukui Central Wholesale Market, and you may see them in the central wholesale markets in each county.

The representative of Japan, Changting Hsieh, stated on Facebook yesterday that he might consider providing pineapples for publicity in elementary schools in the 28 reception cities of East Olympic Taiwanese athletes, and many netizens have responded.

Hsieh Chang-ting said on Facebook today that China has stopped buying Taiwanese pineapples. It is known to the world that if the representative office directly asks Japan to buy them, it will be a lot of favor, the price will not be high, and the quantity will not be large. Taiwan’s pineapples are exported to Japan in a year, and the number of pineapples exported to Japan is about 1/20 of that of China. Most of the pineapples sold in the Japanese market are pineapples produced in the Philippines. The prices are good, and Taiwan can also invest without price cuts.

He suggested that (pineapples) that cannot be digested for a while can be frozen temporarily, and try to make pineapple juice, jelly, popsicles, canned food, pineapple cakes, dried pineapples and other products. A friendship will be held in Japan before the Tokyo Olympics, which will debut in July. The long-term plan is to jointly fight the epidemic and other activities, compete in the Japanese market, open up new business opportunities, and gradually get rid of dependence on the Chinese market. (Editor: Lin Zhiping) 1100301

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