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00:13 Khashoggi’s family forgives the murderer’s death and pardons 5 people for 20 years

2020-09-08 00:13:02

[Central News Agency]A Saudi Arabian court sentenced 8 criminals in the murder of journalist Khashoggi to 7 to 20 years in prison. Since Khashoggi’s family had declared that they had been forgiven, the murderer’s death was pardoned. The Saudi prosecutor pointed out that the verdict has been “fixed and must be executed.”

The English-language newspaper “Arab News” in Saudi Arabia reported that Saudi prosecutors pointed out that five of them were sentenced to 20 years, one was sentenced to 10 years, and two were sentenced to 7 years.

A prosecutor’s spokesperson pointed out that after examining the family’s right to amnesty, the sentence was sentenced, and the sentence was “fixed and must be executed.”

The report quoted the prosecutor’s statement saying that this decision meant that the Khashoggi case was closed in both public and private law.

Khashoggi’s eldest son, Salah Khashoggi, posted a statement on Twitter on May 22: “As the family of Khashoggi the martyrs, we announce that we have forgiven those who killed our father.”

According to Saudi law, if the families of murder victims forgive the perpetrators, they have a chance to be exempt from the death penalty. Sara’s above statement allowed the murderer’s death penalty to be pardoned.

“The Washington Post” (The Washington Post) columnist Khashoggi was known as the most influential journalist in the Middle East during his lifetime, and often wrote articles criticizing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed. Salman (Mohammed bin Salman).

Khashoggi was killed by an assassination team sent by Saudi Arabia at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018. The remains that have not been recovered are believed to have been dismembered.

Saudi Arabia originally claimed that Khashoggi had left the consulate on his own. It was only 18 days after the case was reported that many contradictory claims were made. He admitted that he had been killed in the consulate and blamed it on the actions of the “self-asserting” villain agents. The location of the remains has not leaked so far.

It is believed that Saud al-Qahtani (Saud al-Qahtani), the crown prince’s highest-ranking staff, planned the case. However, the prosecutor pointed out that after investigation, Qatani refused to prosecute because of “insufficient evidence.” The former deputy head of the intelligence agency Ahmed al-Assiri was responsible for overseeing the killing of Khashoggi. Although he was prosecuted, he was eventually acquitted due to insufficient evidence.

After Khashoggi was killed, Saudi Arabia was heavily criticized by the media because of its notorious freedom and human rights. The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the United Nations Special Investigator on Extrajudicial Executions, Summary Executions or Arbitrary Executions, Agnes Callamard, all pointed out that Khashoggi’s death was related to the Crown Prince.

Karamard concluded in the investigation report last year that Saudi Arabia was to blame for the “premeditated execution”. (Editor: Chen Zhengjian)

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