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00:03 Overriding the Brexit agreement and violating international law the British dispute “Internal Market Act” passed the second reading


The “Internal Market Act” recently introduced by British Conservative Prime Minister Johnson (see picture) passed the second reading yesterday (14th) with 340 votes to 263 votes. (AFP)

2020/09/16 00:03

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The “Internal Market Bill” (Internal Market Bill) recently promoted by British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be regarded as contemptuous of international law and violated part of the Brexit agreement. There are 5 The former prime minister spoke in unison, but still passed the second reading yesterday (14th) afternoon with a vote of 340 to 263, and then it will be passed to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Commons for deliberation; a number of politicians and diplomats warned that it was passed. , May bankrupt Britain’s credibility and endanger Britain’s position in the world.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, there are only more than three months left before the deadline for Brexit. Johnson’s recent controversial “Internal Market Bill” passed the House of Commons in a thrilling manner, blatantly violating international law, not only making the EU dumbfounded, but also opposition parties and diplomats. The opposition made as many as 5 former leaders insist on going their own way towards Johnson. Among them, David Cameron, Theresa May and John Major are still the former leaders of the Conservative Party. prime minister.

As the Brexit agreement signed by the United Kingdom and the European Union pointed out that if the United Kingdom is unable to negotiate a new trade agreement with the European Union, Northern Ireland will continue to abide by some EU market regulations after Brexit to avoid the emergence of Northern Ireland and Ireland. The actual land “hard border”; however, the Internal Market Act stipulates that the various constituent regions of the United Kingdom, regardless of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, can maintain the “unity and freedom of the British market” after Brexit. The “seam” trade directly overrides the Brexit agreement. It not only violates international law, but also causes Britain to fall into “credibility bankruptcy” and damage its international status.

The former British ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, also warned that if the “Internal Market Act” really passes a complete legislative process, it will not only hurt Britain’s international reputation and status, but no country is willing to sign an agreement with the United Kingdom in the future. “This incident is the most outrageous thing that has happened in my career.”

At present, after the second reading of the bill is passed, it is expected to be passed to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Commons for deliberation. However, many Conservative Party members have threatened that “if the bill is not amended, it will be reverted in the next vote”, and because the Conservative Party is in the upper house. It is not in the majority, and fierce offensive and defensive battles will be carried out if they advance to the upper house for deliberation.

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