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Some people may not know the sacred r’s gear, which was established in Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture, Japan in November 1998, but the “fire dragon tube” must have been heard a little before, and the fire dragon tube is the nickname of r’s gear in Taiwan. The main business of this brand, founded by the former GP500 driver, Haru Hitowa, is to develop and manufacture exhaust pipes for motorcycles.

“Performance, technology, standards, philosophy” and other four points are the starting point for all product development. The products launched by r’s gear must meet the requirements that can improve vehicle performance, have the highest quality, pass regulatory certification, and meet the real needs of consumers. Only products with the above four requirements will be shipped to consumers by r’s gear.

The main product of r’s gear is the exhaust pipe system for motorcycles, which is subdivided into WYVERN, REAL SPEC, WYVERN SONIC, WYVERN CLASSIC and GP SPEC series. The features of each series are:

series main material Style, characteristics
WYVERN Titanium alloy The top series, the first section is handmade, and the end section takes into account the durability and excellent texture.
REAL SPEC Titanium alloy

carbon fiber

Aluminum alloy

With the same quality as the WYVERN series, the design of the tail section is even higher. The appearance is available in titanium alloy and titanium blue, and the tail cover is available in titanium alloy, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.
WYVERN SONIC stainless steel Although titanium alloy material has the advantages of light weight and durability, it is also more expensive. Therefore, WYVERN SONIC uses stainless steel as the main material to reduce the price, but it can provide the same performance as other series.
WYVERN CLASSIC stainless steel With a classic appearance, in addition to the advantages of improved performance, it can also obtain a sense of line design that matches the classic street car models.
GP SPEC Titanium alloy GP SPEC is a slip-on tail section designed for super sports cars. It is made of titanium alloy so it can reduce the weight as much as possible. At the same time, it can maximize the performance of the vehicle on the race track where every second counts.

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With “Fun to Ride” as the brand theme, r’s gear has only 20 employees, but the excellent workmanship that does not compromise with the market and the insistence on manufacturing only the highest quality exhaust pipes quickly spread the reputation of r’s gear to the world .

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