【Gogoro】Hokukayou car purchase discount

Hekukayou car purchase discount

Activity time: 2021/04/01 – 2021/06/30
During the event period, swipe KUKA at the Gogoro physical store to enjoy the following discounts.
※The physical stores do not include Carrefour, RT-Mart, PChome and other channels.

  • During the event period, a single purchase of all Gogoro vehicles up to NT$50,000 (the same below), installment and log in, will be given a credit of 800 yuan (limited to 2,000 people).
  • Gogoro Network tariffs are paid with a pooled credit card and log in to enjoy 8% cash back. The general consumption of the month needs to be over 2,500 yuan (including Gogoro Network consumption amount), and the monthly reward amount is capped at 100 yuan.

Login method:

  • (1) Cooperative Vault Bank APP login (Heku Bank APP→Credit Card→Activity Login)
  • (2) Cooperative vault online banking login (Cooperative vault online banking → credit card → VISA financial card area → event registration)


Consumers who want to participate in this activity (hereinafter referred to as “participants” or “cardholders”) are deemed to agree to the specifications of this notice at the same time they participate; if they do not agree to all or part of this notice, please Do not participate in this activity:

Free 800 credit card reward activity:
This event is limited to the period from April 1, 110 to June 30, 110 (hereinafter referred to as the “event period”) of the Republic of China (the same below), and is directly operated by Rui Neng Creative Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gogoro”) Or join a store (excluding Carrefour, RT-Mart, PChome projects, please follow the announcement on Gogoro’s official website) to use the designated credit card of the cooperative vault bank (hereinafter referred to as “Heku Bank”) to purchase the entire Gogoro car series, a single transaction up to NT (the same below) ) 50,000 yuan (combined calculation of the original and attached cards) and apply for installment, and the cardholder must log in to the cooperative vault bank APP or online banking at the latest before the expiration of the activity period.
Participants of this activity must be unincorporated or related groups.
The discount quota for this event is limited to 2,000 people. If the number of eligible consumers for this event exceeds the upper limit of the previously announced quota, the chronological order of meeting the previously announced conditions will be determined, whichever is earlier.
Energy tariff 8% cash back activities:
This activity is limited to use the designated credit card of Heku Bank to pay the Gogoro Network battery service fee during the event period, and the consumption amount of the participant using the Heku credit card in the current month is more than 2,500 yuan (including the consumption amount for paying the Gogoro Network battery service fee).
Participants of this activity must be unincorporated or related groups.
The upper limit of the cash rebate for each period of this activity is 100 yuan.
If the quota is full, the cooperative vault bank will close the login function. The feedback list is mainly based on the information of the bank bank. Manual login applications are not accepted (login only obtains the qualification to participate in the event, and does not guarantee to receive feedback).
The government network procurement card, commercial card and VISA financial card of Heku Bank are not applicable to this activity.
The bonus point deduction activity and the installment payment activity cannot be used at the same time.
The 800 yuan credit card rebate will be refunded to the original cardholder’s credit card account to offset the consumption in late July, 110.When giving back, the card must be a valid card, and there is no overdue payment, or other violations of the credit card agreement, otherwise it will be forfeited
In addition to the advance payment for this installment transaction, the bank has not involved the purchase and sale relationship of the goods and the delivery of the goods or the physical relationship of the goods defects. For the refund of related goods returns or service cancellations, the cardholder should contact the designated store for a solution , If the Qia special shop still cannot solve the problem, it should be handled in accordance with the bank’s account doubt processing procedures.
The bank has the right to review all transactions. If the bank determines that it involves improper behavior or unreasonable transactions, the bank reserves the right of legal prosecution, except for the eligibility to participate in the activity.
The eligibility for this event is calculated based on the total transaction amount of the actual card swiping. If the payment fails, the order is cancelled, or the goods are returned, the transaction is not allowed to participate in this event
Any disputes between participants of this event and Heku Bank, including but not limited to those arising from the event or the conditions or restrictions on the use of Heku credit card purchases, shall be resolved by the participants and Heku Bank through their own consultations. Participants No claim to Gogoro.
Payment transactions through third-party payment platforms, such as Pi Wallet, Jiekou Payment, LINE Pay, OuPay, Alipay, etc., are not applicable to all the above activities.
Whether this activity can be used in conjunction with other promotional activities of Gogoro is explained by Gogoro.
The currency of the amount related to this note is New Taiwan Dollar.
Hakubank and Gogoro reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify, change or suspend this activity. The content of the activity is subject to the announcement on Hakubank and Gogoro’s website. If there are other outstanding issues, please follow the relevant regulations or explanations of Hakubank. .

Data source “Gogoro”

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