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【CyberRider】Taiwan 8/Taiwan 9/Taiwan 14A that must be visited once


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If there are any roads in Taiwan that are the most worthwhile to explore the beautiful scenery, then this honor definitely belongs to the section of Taiwan Route 9 commonly known as Suhua Highway, and the Taiwan Route 8 of Zhongheng Highway, as well as one of the highest roads These three highways are called Taiwan 14 A line. From the magnificent sea to the cliffs of the sky, from the ink-like mountains and rivers to the vast starry sky, you can see them all at once on these three roads. It can be said that if you have not solved the task on these three roads, then you must arrange a time to go there.



However, for you who are inexperienced when you are on the road for the first time, although you have long yearned for these three roads, thinking about the large trucks coming and going, or the risk of natural disasters, makes you seem to have some worries…this But what to do? It doesn’t matter, let us first remind you something you should pay attention to.



Things to pay attention to in Shangwuling



For new students who haven’t been here before, don’t rush on with a thin shirt even in summer, especially at night. Indeed, in the daytime, if there is a sun, sometimes in Wuling will make people feel warm. However, if it is raining or foggy. Or at night, the huge temperature difference between day and night in Wuling, which is 3275 meters above sea level, will definitely make you cry for help if you only wear a thin shirt! Remember, I’d rather bring more spares than do it when you start to tremble. After all, cycling is not better than driving, but we can’t hide in the car and turn on the heating.



In addition, since there are many road sambos for those who want to go to Wuling, and the section of Taiwan 14A is narrow and curved, we must pay special attention to driving safety. In addition, sometimes in order to go up the mountain to watch the sunrise or sunset, you will definitely encounter the glare of high backlight on some sections of the road. These details are critical to driving safety, so you must be very careful.



Things to pay attention to when shooting stars

In terms of equipment, of course, you’d better use a higher-end SLR. But whether you are using a camera or a mobile phone, remember that the tripod is the point. So, how to photograph the stars or the Milky Way? First of all, before you go to Wuling, remember to check if it is before and after the full moon? If so, you don’t need to go up. Because the light pollution of the moon is very annoying for shooting that requires long exposure.


In addition, if we go up in winter, although we can see the Milky Way, it is impossible to take pictures of the center of the Milky Way. So if you want to shoot the center of the Milky Way with a ball of egg yolk, you can do it again in May next year. In terms of shooting techniques, remember that the exposure time should not exceed 30 seconds. This is because of the rotation of the earth. If the exposure time is too long, stars with drag effects will be shot. Of course, if you are deliberately taking photos of star trails, this is not the limit.


So, how many seconds is within 30 seconds? It depends on how much your ISO needs to be opened and how much your aperture can be opened to match. Because different ISO value, aperture size, and exposure time will produce different images. So you just try between these three. Another thing to note is that since focusing in a dark environment is a big problem, if you don’t have the focus, even if the three conditions you just matched are in place, the picture will still be a blurry picture. So be sure to remember, first make sure whether it is in focus!


On the physical side, if you just want to take a few shots and run away, a simple warm jacket is indeed sufficient. But if you want to shoot for a long time (such as staying all night like Xiaobian), then even on summer nights, you must bring all the clothes and hats you wear during the cold current.


Things to pay attention to on Suhua Highway


You may think Suhua Highway is terrifying, in fact; perhaps the most terrifying is you! Because leaving aside the conditions of natural dangers, it is the various vehicles whizzing past that will make people feel terrified. However, have you ever wondered why others whizzed you past? This is obviously a gap between your speed and the speed around you. Because even if you are riding a 125 scooter, in addition to overtaking it will be more difficult, basically the speed is definitely able to keep up with the traffic flow of the environment. And if you always feel horrified by being surpassed by everyone, it’s likely that you are riding too slowly…


Like Zhongheng, the beautiful scenery has certain risks. So when you want to stop and admire the scenery, don’t neglect whether the surrounding environment is safe.


Things to pay attention to in Zhongheng


There are various steep mountain walls and superb views of the valley. Although there are people who want to stand by along the way, the hidden rockfall crisis is also a place that must not be ignored. Avoid places with warning signs, heavy rain or weather after a typhoon. In addition, if you see that there are falling rocks scattered on the road ahead during the journey, you must carefully confirm whether there is a risk of collapse.


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