【Biking Diary】Wearing new boots and Z1000 to visit the harbor

Travel time 2021/1/15
Motorcycle style KAWASAKI Z1000
My motorcycle Career No. 2 Z1000ABS Special Edition 2014
Riding distance 107 km
Tourist destination Ehime Prefecture

I am a rider with a slash life. In addition to my regular work, I also have part-time work to open a personal studio. Therefore, I rarely ride a bicycle. My motorcycle life is probably like going out for half a day on a holiday morning. Take the car, and then go home in the afternoon to go in a daze (normally for housework, but I tend to ignore it), drink a little wine in the evening and watch a movie to end the day off!

However, recently due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the workload of part-time jobs is relatively small, which allows me to have more time to ride. Just recently I bought a pair of GAERNE G-EVOLUTION 5 road boots, so I took this opportunity to ride The car is shaking, by the way, test the new boots.

By the way, this pair of boots is something I bought after many crashes. It is strongly recommended that everyone wear boots or work shoes with better protection performance when riding. Please do not wear slippers or casual shoes. When riding a bike, you will know how useful the boots are when you encounter a crash.

It may be due to the new shoes. I think it’s weird to be in gear, no, it’s strange to move up and down. When the first gear enters the second gear, it often goes to the neutral gear…Even if the boots and heels fit perfectly, but I always feel that the operation is very blunt, which may be better after wearing it for a while~

The destination of this small trip is near the shipyard in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. Although it is winter, the temperature at the seaside is higher than that in the mountains, so the ride is quite comfortable.

The “Nishiseto Expressway” in Honshu near Imabari is a major attraction and a popular spot for many riders.

With the embarrassment of setting the wrong gear, I rode the Z1000 to a nearby shipyard~Compared with the huge ship, even the public upgrade Z1000 is quite insignificant.

Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., whose shipbuilding business accounts for a few percent of the world market, is truly breathtaking with its huge buildings.

Due to time constraints, I can only ride out for one morning this time, although there are still many places I want to go to, but let’s do it this time! The most important thing is to go home safely.

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“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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