​”Tidrit’s Adventure in Wonderland”: a great innovation that inherits the spirit of “Music Under the Moon” Original

Recently, the full version of the game “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure” has finally been released. The game has been continuously updated in the form of chapters. The first chapter was released on March 12, 2020. The follow-up chapters were gradually introduced in the year, until recently the full version was finally released at the end of March this year.

The positioning of the game is the 30th anniversary commemorative game of the famous Japanese fantasy novel “The Battle of Rhode Island”, but the quality of the game can be said to far exceed the common novel adaptation games, and it has been highly praised on steam. Many Players are full of praise for it.

In general, this work has many inheritance, improvement, and development of “Music Under the Moon”. It is no wonder that many players call it the spiritual sequel of “Music Under the Moon”. The development direction of the genre has been explored new, many of which are quite worthy of consideration and reference by game developers.

Inheritance and improvement

As a classic masterpiece that truly defines the genre of Galaxy City, “Night under the Moon” has far-reaching influence so far. However, because of its complex design, most of the Galaxy City games that appeared later only borrowed certain elements of the work. It is rare to see works like “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure” which is almost a full tribute.

For example, in the former, the protagonist Alucard can be equipped with weapons and clothing, as well as shoes and rings. The entire equipment system is very large, it can be described as a variety of tricks, and even shields can release skills.

The latter inherited this set of equipment system but made a lot of simplifications. For example, the protagonist’s equipment can only choose between melee weapons and long-range weapons. The melee weapons include short swords, long swords, and guns. Long-range weapons are bows and arrows. , There are several types of single-shot arrows and three-shot arrows. As for the equipment, clothes, shoes, and rings, they don’t exist in this work.

The reason for this simplified design may be that “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure” is just an independent game, and it is impossible to raise a lot of funds for 3D graphics and creation like “Red Mark: Ritual of the Night”. A huge equipment system, which is also a common practice when many independent games adopt the Galaxy City type in recent years, that is, either avoid using the equipment system or simplify the equipment system. This is true in “Knight” and “Mexican Heroes 2”.

When it comes to the weapons that appear in the game, many old players who have played “Music under the Moon” will smile.

For example, in the early stage of “Nights Under the Moon”, players can get a seemingly ordinary dagger, the attack power is not high and the attack range is not long enough, but because the moves are very fast, it is similar to the artifact in the early game. The same existence has miraculous effects against many enemies, but the short swords and fist blades that appear in “Tidelit’s Adventures in Wonderland” have the same attributes, and they also rely on attack speed to win.

In the early days of “Tidrit’s Adventures in Wonderland”, there was a dappled sword. This weapon is a large sword type. The biggest feature is that it can perform a wide range of attacks in a semicircular arc, so you can use this weapon to attack the top of the platform from the bottom of the platform. It also has a miraculous effect against the spore-type enemies that swarms over. Players who are familiar with Castlevania may have a very familiar and intimate feeling about this weapon, because it fully inherits the features of the game after “Music Under the Moon” In GBA’s masterpiece “Walk of the Moon”, the great sword, a weapon that can perform arc attacks, appeared for the first time. Even the protagonist, the strongest weapon, the final sword, is also of this type.

So it’s no wonder that many players will exclaim when using these weapons: This is the sequel to “Music Under the Moon”!

What’s interesting is that Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure has improved the weapon’s attack power system and added the concept of combo. In addition to its attack power data, each weapon will also display the combo’s attack power bonus. Data, which allows players to consider the bonus of combos in addition to the attack speed, value, and range of the weapon when choosing a weapon, so how to choose a weapon has more places to think about.

The scene and level design of the game is also a high tribute to “Music Under the Moon”, such as a large number of sculptures and candlesticks, etc. will evoke the player’s good memories of “Music Under the Moon”, and many rooms are from There is a long space from top to bottom, and then a large number of platforms are set up. This kind of room is also a strong sense of tribute. Even the design of some monsters has a lot of shadows of “Night under the Moon”, especially like piranha and handheld Skeleton soldier with sword and shield.

In addition, places like Gothic style + Baroque style in music style give people the illusion of exploring in Dragula’s Castlevania, and some melodies have a familiar taste.

The great innovation of wind and fire wizard switching

The biggest innovation of this work is that the protagonist Tidlit can manipulate the two elves of wind and fire, and can switch the form of the elves with one click, and the color of the afterimage is used to express the difference of the elves, that is, the wind elves are white, and the fire elves are white. Is yellow.

In fact, Switch Wizard is also the core combat system of this work.

When you first attack an enemy, you will get its “soul”, which can upgrade the possessed spirit. Use the fire spirit to obtain the wind soul (blue), and use the wind spirit to obtain the fire soul (red). The spirit can rise up to Level 3, and an increase in the level of the wizard can greatly increase Tidlit’s attack power, and after reaching level 3, it can provide a continuous blood buff effect.

In addition, when switching to the wind spirit form, you can get the ability to float for a short time. With the double jump ability in the late game, you can go faster and reach some platforms that you could not go up to before. As for switching to the fire spirit form, you can get the ability to destroy the explosive barrel. Ability, but there is no explosive barrel in the middle and late game, so this ability is rather tasteless.

Another important setting of the wizard is: when using the fire wizard, it can be immune to fire damage (and can also return to blue), and when using the wind wizard, it can be immune to lightning damage (and can also return to blue), because the magic in this work is very powerful In the middle and late stages of fighting with difficult enemies and BOSS, it is often more sensible to open your position and bombard the enemy with magic, and the supply of mana requires the player to accurately switch the wizard form to avoid damage and gain energy. The “two birds with one stone” process.

If you comb the history of Galactic City games in the past, it is not difficult to find that the setting of Wind and Fire Wizard switching can be described as a pretty good and innovative setting based on a lot of past experience.

In the PS version of Castlevania Nights under the Moon, the protagonist Alucard mainly uses swords and other melee weapons, while hiding the protagonist Richter uses a traditional whip. Of course Richter can use it after obtaining different secondary weapons. Corresponding to the big move, and the third protagonist Maria is added to the SS version of the work. The biggest feature of this character is that you can use various skills through rubbing moves. The core skills are summoning Suzaku, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Xuanwu. The power of the four sacred beasts can carry out super attacks, and the operation is complicated but the power of the four sacred beasts can be determined by invincibility plus attack.

And Tidrit’s role is a bit like a fusion of the three protagonists in “Musicia Under the Moon”. You can use melee weapons, attack actions and afterimage settings. These are all like Alucard, needless to say. , The setting of summoning the two elves of wind and fire may refer to the idea that Maria can summon the four sacred beasts.

In addition, when Tidlit uses magic attacks, you only need to press the square button. This is a bit like in “Night under the Moon”, Richter can use one key to release a secondary weapon to perform a powerful attack, but The former consumes MP and the latter consumes hearts. Tidelit’s setting abandons Maria’s cumbersome method of moves in “Musicia Under the Moon”. From the design perspective, it is obvious that it is to make players more easy to use.

The magic in the game is divided into six types: light, dark, civil, wind, and fire. This is also very similar to Richter’s setting of using several secondary weapons, but with one change, that is, the idea is similar, but the effect and performance are complete. It is a brand-new design. For example, light magic is to track the light ball, and wind magic is a vertical high-damage tornado.

There are also certain attributes in the game. For example, the light and spirit bow is particularly effective against a dark attribute BOSS in the later stage. This is the light attribute overshadow attribute, but this kind of setting is not too much in the game. Only playing some particularly difficult BOSS needs to find out the problem of attribute restraint.

Taking a closer look, the design of the Wind and Fire Wizard switch is a bit like the yin and yang switch setting in the Mexican Heroes Battle series produced in Europe and the United States, except that the yin and yang switch in this series is mainly used in the scene, and the combat aspect is introduced in the second generation. Attacks with several attributes, such as red, blue, yellow, and green, correspond to solving enemies and puzzles of different colors.

The setting of Titlit’s manipulation of the Wind and Fire Spirit is a rare case in the Galaxy City game where the switching of the two attribute attacks is fully applied to the battle. In fact, the early years of Treasury Company’s “Silhouette Phantom” and “Irtle Dove” I have tried this, but the former is a pure ACT game, and the latter is an STG type.

However, if we go deeper, the setting of Wind Fire Elf switching and the two games of Caibao may also have a certain connection, because the two production teams of the game “Tidelit Adventure” have done some independent games before. Among them, Team Ladybug has produced “East Moon God Night” before, and Why so serious has participated in the production of “Fantasy Country Collection Night Festival”. These two games are independent games derived from the famous Touhou Project series, and two games. It happens to be a horizontal version of the action game but has the barrage shooting elements of the Touhou Project series, and the “East Moon God Night” released in 2019 can be said to be the prototype of “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure”. Many scenes and map designs and free exploration are all tribute to “Night under the Moon”, and incorporate the Touhou Project series of game settings such as Gratin, SPELLCARD, and Barrage BOSS.

So when these two production teams were creating “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure”, they probably thought of finding some classic ACT games and STG games to inspire their ideas, so they boldly thought of combining “Silhouette Phantom” and The yin and yang switch in “turtle dove” is used.

For example, in “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure”, you can switch to the wind attribute to pass the white barrage barrier, and switch to the fire attribute to pass the yellow barrage barrier, and some levels in the game will have white barrage. Obstacles and yellow barrage obstacles are mixed and matched. These are exactly the same as in “Iron Dove”. The enemy bullets in this game are only white and black. There are also frequent mixing situations. Players need to switch their own yin and yang attributes frequently to be able to play. The bullets of the same color passed without injury under the barrage attack.

And according to different enemy attributes, players need to switch to different forms to attack effectively. This idea is also the same, especially when dealing with BOSS, in addition to switching to a certain form to eat the corresponding attribute damage without injury, you must also consider Switching to which attributes and magic to deal with the enemy’s weak attributes, the combat experience is quite similar.

It’s just that the difficulty of “Turtle Dove” is too high. Players need to thoroughly understand this system to pass the level. In “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure”, players can purchase a large number of green bottles for blood recovery and MP recovery items by swiping money. The system is not so good and it doesn’t delay the clearance.

In addition, the more interesting part of this setting is that the elves have a level and the highest level is 3. This means that only by keeping the two elves at the highest level at the same time can the attack power be maximized and the blood returned, so the player will always care about the level of the elves when playing. For example, when the level of an elf reaches the highest level, the player will find a way to quickly make the level of another elf reach the highest level, and then when there is no blood, they may think of switching instead of using the green bottle of blood-recovery potion. Go to the highest level of elf form to perform a continuous recovery of blood.

In addition, in order to make this system more core and popular, the producer of the game introduced a design to lower the level of the elves. In the game, the level of the elves will drop after the player encounters some enemy damage. Once it is down to level 1, it will not only be impossible. Heal back and attack power will drop a lot, dealing with some BOSS will become extremely troublesome.

Another very novel design in this game is to group the props and magic into one system, that is, to use the props and magic, you can press the square button. If you want to switch, you need to press and hold the square button for a while. At this time, the game will Enter the paused state, and then the player can choose the magic or props they want by going up and down. This design can be said to make the game rhythm more smooth, and it will not switch to the prop interface as frequently as the Castlevania series to recover blood. The design of the pause when choosing is taking into account the player’s need for a certain amount of thinking time. Of course, if it is Miyazaki Hidetaka, it may be designed to be an instant selection.

The bow and arrow attack added in this work is also a new element that I have to mention. It is not only used to shoot some gears to pass obstacles, but also has miraculous effects against some enemies. For example, there are vines in front of the piranha to protect it, so physical attacks and Magic can be blocked by these vines, and the best way is to use bows and arrows to shoot multiple shots.

What’s the inspiration?

It should be said that the Galaxy City game type has undergone continuous development over the years, and various innovations have emerged. However, before “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure”, it seems that no ARPG game dared to combine “Silhouette Phantom” and ” The yin and yang switching in “Iron Dove” was used in the battle design, and it was the Japanese themselves who finally completed this historical mission.

This also highlights the potential and innovation of independent games. If it is a commercial masterpiece, would you dare to try so bravely? Not to mention that KONAMI is not willing to launch a sequel to Castlevania at all. Even if it is willing to launch it, do you dare to apply the idea of ​​switching between Yin and Yang? Don’t you see that IGA, the producer of the Castlevania series that has been leading the Castlevania series since “Moonlight Night,” the final product of “Red Mark: Ritual of the Night” produced through crowdfunding after leaving his post is still biased towards conservative thinking and not much innovation Words.

At present, many independent game developers in China are experimenting with the genre of Galaxy City. For example, games such as “Shadow Torch City” and “Magic Tower Hunter”, then for these developers in the future, “Tidelit’s Wonderland Adventure” “These innovative ideas are worth thinking about and learning from.

There may be more possibilities in the future of Galaxy City.

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