WHO's COVID-19 investigation team has not yet set a date for their visit to China

WHO’s COVID-19 investigation team has not yet set a date for their visit to China

The World Health Organization (WHO) is still in the process of gathering experts to investigate the origin of COVID-19 and confirmed this time their team will go to Wuhan – the original epicenter of the great translation – to conduct work, however specific time has not been determined.

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Answer the questions of SCMP During a press conference on Thursday (August 27), Mr. Mike Ryan, Director of the WHO’s emergency program, confirmed that the two-member front station group did not come to Wuhan but instead prepared the necessary conditions. for the future expert group.

Mr. Ryan reported that the front-station team had to undergo two weeks of quarantine outside of Beijing and only one week in the capital, attending online meetings and conferences with Chinese officials and experts. Group Also spoke with representatives from China’s Ministry of Health, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, and the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention while in Beijing.

The WHO kept quiet about the identities of the two front-line experts who arrived in China in July and has so far only given vague information about the group’s journey, although it has previously claimed that the experts Family will immediately begin an investigation in Wuhan.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the pre-station group had no intention of arriving in Wuhan in July. “They have no intention of starting research in Wuhan and they have no plans to go to Wuhan,” he says, adding that it is the work of future experts.

“International experts are being gathered and of course they will go to Wuhan because that is where the first case occurred,” Mr. Tedros said.

Neither Mr. Tedros nor Ryan said when the main investigative team will actually begin work, nor what the team size and team members are. It’s also unclear if the team will have to go through two weeks of quarantine before work begins.

> WHO delegation went to China to investigate the origin of the virus but did not go to Wuhan

Mr. Ryan revealed that many countries have expressed interest in joining this main investigative team, and WHO is also contacting its partners in the global response network to find experts. family group.

Mr. Ryan said Tedros wrote to Ma Xiaowei, head of the National Health Commission of China, about the group’s proposed program, which consists of two phases: Phase 1 will focus on epidemiological and transmission chain research in Wuhan. Phase 2 will involve more details on the animal-human aspect, said Ryan.

He also said that while in Beijing, the front station group held a video conference with representatives from the Wuhan Virus Institute. This will also be part of the investigation team program.

The Wuhan Virus Institute is at the heart of US President Donald Trump’s accusation that a new strain of corona virus was leaked from the P4 lab here. However, this allegation has been fiercely rejected by China.

The trip of WHO’s international experts will be closely monitored after Western politicians and media criticized the UN agency as “pro-China,” an allegation made by Trump. to prevent US funding from this organization.

However, the Chinese side confirmed that the WHO international team of experts would only “support” the work of Chinese scientists instead of conducting an investigation of their country’s affairs.

Xuan Lan (from SCMP)

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