What kind of car key leather case is good?  Experience buying bags, car key covers

What kind of car key leather case is good? Experience buying bags, car key covers

Which car key covers, key covers, and car key covers should you buy? Some of the following experiences of buying a small key holster will help you.

Should we use car key holster?

A car key is small, but a very important item. The key not only helps open the doors and starts the car, but is also seen as a symbol representing the car owner’s own class. This is the reason why many car companies, especially luxury car manufacturers, super cars are very careful to invest in designing the key of their cars.

In the past, cars used to use mechanical keys, but today most cars have switched to Smartkey smart keys with many useful features such as opening / closing the door, closing / opening the trunk remotely, anti-theft warning. … The smart key is an electronic key so it is larger than the traditional key. Inside there are electronic components, the outside is made of glossy black plastic, matte black plastic, polished chrome or matte chrome to add more elegance.

During use, users often have a habit of stringing the car keys with the keys, or leave the car keys in their pockets, bags, briefcases, and drawers in the car … This easily causes the car keys to be damaged. scratching, impacting on other objects, the surface is scratched, quickly faded, peeling paint …

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Car keys are easily scratched, discolored after a long time of use

Damaged surfaces not only deteriorate the car keys aesthetically, but also affect the value of the car, especially when it comes to transferring them later. Therefore, according to experts and experienced car users to protect the keys well, use a leather holster or car key cover.

Types of leather covers, car key covers are now designed to embrace the key, which works:

  • Scratch resistance: Key holster helps to prevent sharp objects from damaging the surface of the car key, helping to keep the beauty as new.
  • Shock resistance: Many types of leather cases, car key covers are shockproof, limit damage to the internal circuit when the key is accidentally impacted by a drop or impact from the outside …
  • Dust resistant & limited water contamination: Key holster covers the outside so it helps prevent dirt. Especially limit water contamination if accidentally let the key come into contact with water.
  • Easy to clean: Since Smartkeys are electronic keys, cleaning will be a bit difficult. While using the holster when needed, just open the hygienic holster so it’s easy.

Experience in buying leather cases, car key covers

When buying leather cases, cases and car key covers, buyers should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Prioritize leather

There are many types of covers, covers, and car key cases today such as leather cases, plastic / Silicon cladding, hard plastic cladding, metal cladding … In which, most popular leather cases are also preferred. favorite. Because the holster is easy to remove, shock-resistant, and gives a premium and luxurious feel. Many leather cases also have a good waterproof treatment.

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Priority should be given to the car key leather case
  • Choose a designer holster

There are two types of car key holster: common-use holster and custom-designed holster. A shared holster (also called a key bag) is usually a zipped bag that covers all the keys. When it is necessary to operate the keys will have to open the cover to remove the key.

Shared key bags are quite inconvenient

The designer holster will also be designed and sized to fit the key. Every detail of the keys on the key is also embossed respectively on the leather case. When using, you do not need to open the holster but can operate directly on the holster. This is both convenient and helps to protect the key better.

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Priority should be given to buying custom designed car key leather

What kind of car key leather case is good?

Currently, there is a line of car key covers from KOTADA that has received good reviews from many users. This leather case line is made from luxury leather material, tailor-made for each model, with full models for car manufacturers.

Hyundai car key leather covers: I10, Accent, Kona, Tucson, SantaFe …
Leather car key covers for Toyota: Vios, Altis, Camry, Innova, Fortuner
Mazda car key covers: Mazda 2, Mazda 3, CX-5, CX-8, BT-50
Honda car key holster: City, Civic, Accord, CR-V …
Honda car key holster: City, Civic, Accord, CR-V …
Kia car key covers: Morning, Soluto, Cerato, Seltos, Sorento, Sedona …
Ford car key holster: Focus, EcoSport, Everest, Ranger …
Ford car key leather covers: Focus, EcoSport, Everest, Ranger …
Suzuki car key leather case: Swift, Ciaz, Vitara, XL7 …
Mitsubishi auto key leather covers: Xpander, Outlander, Pajero Sport, Triton …
Chevrolet car key leather cases: Saprk, Cruze, Colorado, Trailblazer …
Nissan car key holster: Sunny, X-Trail, Navara …
Audi car key leather case: A4, A6, A7 …
Mercedes car key leather case: C200, C250, C300, E200, E300, GLC200 …
BMW car key holster: 320i, 330i, 530i, X5, X7 …
Lexus car key leather covers: NX, RX, GX, LX …

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Frequently asked questions about the car key holster

? What types of car key covers are there?

Reply: Currently, there are many types of car key covers such as direct leather, metal wrap, plastic wrap, plastic / Silicon coated, carbon coated plastic wrap …

? Is Silicon Car Key Cabinet Good?

Reply: Silicon car key cases are quite popular. This type of key cover has the advantages of cheap price, many colors, soft silicone material that holds the key, is easy to manipulate or handle when using … However, Silicon cladding does not feel as luxurious as a leather holster. quite a few users. Durability is also not long.

? What is carbon key cladding?

Reply: The actual carbon keypad is not made from carbon fiber but made of ABS plastic, the outside is painted / printed with carbon.

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