Warner unveils reboot synopsis

Unmissable franchise in the gaming world, Mortal Kombat will be entitled to its reboot on April 16. Warner unveils the outline of the script for this new cinematographic opus.

Who does not remember the now kitschy Mortal Kombat released in 1995 with a certain Christophe Lambert? Almost 25 years later, Warner is finally preparing to lift the veil on the film’s reboot. This comeback promises to be part of the violence of the video game from which it is inspired. Directed by Simon McQuoid, this new opus stages the journey of a young MMA fighter, camped by Lewis Tan. Mortal Kombat will air simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters. And to meet the expectations of fans, the studio has finally unveiled the full synopsis of this new episode of the franchise.

Mortal Kombat rises from the ashes
Mortal Kombat rises from the ashes – Credit: Warner Bros

Whether you are a fan of the franchise or not, this new version seems to be worth a look. Far from the outdated imagery of the 90s, Mortal Kombat promises grandiose and spectacular for its comeback.

Mortal Kombat rises from the ashes

Since birth, Cole Young has worn a mysterious dragon mark. This distinctive sign earned him in spite of himself to be chased by an ever-growing horde of enemies. In order to protect his clan, this young fighter goes in search of a certain Sonya Blade, also wearing this mark. He will be taken under the protective wing of Raiden, the protector of the “marked” within his sanctuary. Thanks to the support of this providential mentor, Cole leads a group of warriors who will do anything to incapacitate their enemies.

Tadanobu Asano will reprise the legendary role of Raiden, formerly played by Christophe Lambert. The cast gives pride of place to young actors, on the rise. Thus Jessica McNamee, revealed in Chips and Black Water will lend her features to Sonya Blade. Lewis Blade will have the heavy responsibility of leading the film, in the shoes of Cole. Blade has notably appeared in recent years in Deadpool 2 and Criminal Squad.

An unexpected return

The bet launched by Warner is far-reaching: to forget the 1995 version and its 1997 sequel. Indeed, these two opus entered the pantheon of essential “nanars”. The famous online directory Nanarland qualifies the latest version dated “A sort of smother of bullshit nag embellished with a good ladle of bad visual taste”.

If we believe the first visuals shared on the web, this reboot of Mortal Kombat could well ward off fate. Indeed, the film promises super neat special effects and extensive visual work. Fans are now waiting to find out the result to decide. On social networks, opinions are currently divided. Many still wonder why the Warner wanted to give a second life to this saga. The answer will be known in theaters and streaming on April 16.

Source : Comicbook

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