This Week's Horoscope 1/4 ~ 1/10 | VOGUE Blog

This Week’s Horoscope 1/4 ~ 1/10 | VOGUE Blog


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates Virgo → Libra → Scorpio → Sagittarius

★ 7th Mars Taurus entrance

★ 8th Mercury Aquarius Irimiya

★ 9th Venus Capricorn entrance


This week is the week from the full moon of Cancer on the 30th of last week to the new moon of Capricorn on the 13th of next week. Mars will finally enter Taurus on the 7th. Mars has been moving back and forth between Aries since it entered Taurus at the end of June last year. During this time, I often made 90 degrees with Capricorn celestial bodies (Pluto, Capricorn, Saturn, Capricorn), and I may have faced the harsh reality and struggled alone. Nevertheless, a pure and hot spirit would have been cultivated through such a process. In addition, Mercury will enter Aquarius on the 8th, and Venus will enter Capricorn on the 9th. Thus, this week, some celestial bodies move to the next constellation, as if the New Year holidays were over. From this week to next week’s Capricorn New Moon, you may feel that the new year has (realistically) started to move.

This week as well, I would like to inform you about the 90 degrees of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. I wrote a lot in the horoscope last week. 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus can be done in February, June and December of this year. The first time, now, the star circle is about to be formed toward February, and it seems that it will continue until the end of March. Meanwhile, the 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus is temporarily emphasized by Mars and Mercury, which have moved to the constellations this week. This temporarily emphasized orientation will continue until around the Aquarius full moon (1/29).

I wrote last week about the implications of 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus. Please see together. “The reality of the person becomes new with the situation where he is forced to change (or let go) his values.” “Something is released through the dilemma between the ideal and the reality, and socially and personally. It will be more open and free. ”“ Through events that reaffirm the essence of oneself, the reality and future of the person will change significantly. ”… I think it is like this. If you are familiar with process work, the word “beyond the edge” may be close. Or, I think it may be said that the reality is overwritten while going beyond the “impossible” for that person.

In short, I think that I will sharpen and refine “myself” and “my reality” so that they are in line with the truth and essence for me. It is truly a process of “I become myself”, but it also includes a process of stripping away self-deception. I think it looks refreshing from the bottom of the 肚. Such star circles will come three times this year.

Venus in Capricorn makes 120 degrees with Uranus in Taurus. There is a public orientation such as “Everyone is different, everyone is good (Misuzu Kaneko)” for each of the ways that I am me, you are you, everyone is everyone, and so on. You will feel it. Right now, both Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius.

Let’s have a fun year again this year.


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