[The owner has something to say]Sports and travel double enjoyment! KAWASAKI「Ninja 1000」

The[Car Owner has something to say]event held on Webike’s online social platform is in full swing! This time, I will share his riding story with Kawasaki Ninja1000!

Through the analysis and evaluation of the car owner on the car-Kawasaki Ninja1000, let riders understand the advantages or disadvantages of Kawasaki Ninja1000 from multiple angles.


・Driving age, the fun of riding a motorcycle

I have been cycling since I was 16 and I have 35 years of experience. However, I have suffered from long-term injuries and have not been riding a motorcycle for about 8 years during this period. I returned as a scoop rider in my 40s. Motorcycle industry.

For me, motorcycles are a part of life. If you are annoyed, ride a bike for a better mood.

・Into the manual machine

I bought a brand new car in April 2017, because it is the latest Ninja and the price is reasonable, so I bought it.

When I bought the car, the green was sold out, only black was left in the inventory and the replenishment time was undetermined, so I could only choose black.



The car weighs 235 kg, so it is very stable at high speeds, and with a fuel tank capacity of 19 liters, there is no need to worry too much even for long trips.

・About riding

This is a sporty and travelable motorcycle. Because it is equipped with electronic control, it can pass safely when entering and exiting corners.

The light handling is not proportional to the weight of the car, so there is no problem with manning!

・About appearance

The huge exhaust pipes and the front hood are very domineering, and the exhaust sound is very calm and pleasant.



The car feels heavy when turning at low speeds! If a saddle box is installed, the width will be doubled.

・About riding

I don’t know if other KAWASAKI models will do the same, that is, the foot feels very heavy when upshifting. It does not go in with a click, but with a bang. It sounds like it needs a last push. Once you get used to it, you will feel that this is a way to enter with confidence in the change, but if you are not used to it, you will feel very dissatisfied.

・About appearance

This is a large station wagon, so if you want to modify it, the parts will be expensive.


It is equipped with a 19L fuel tank, a barrel of oil can ride about 350km, not only suitable for long-distance travel, but also enjoy the fun of sports riding.

Since the handle is set to travel height and is also a separate handle, the riding posture is relatively comfortable, which greatly reduces the fatigue accumulation during travel.

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