Size B sedan discount when Toyota Vios 2021

The news that the Toyota Vios 2021 returned to Vietnam, the B-size sedan series massively reduced prices to ‘racket’ customers

( Information that Toyota Vios 2021 is about to return to the country with many upgrades makes competitors in the segment to be afraid.

Recently, some sources have revealed that the popular Toyota Vios sedan will soon launch an upgraded version in the next March in the Vietnamese market. This information has made many customers unexpected because the Toyota Vios 2021 was soon introduced in other international markets such as the Philippines or Malaysia from the end of 2020.

News Toyota Vios 2021 is about to return to Vietnam

Facing this situation, many cars in the B-class sedan segment are being strongly discounted by dealers to “racket” visitors to the Lunar New Year as well as “take advantage” to increase sales before the Toyota Vios 2021 appears in Vietnam Male. Specifically, the Suzuki Ciaz model is enjoying preferential registration of 50%, equivalent to 35 million VND with body insurance with a value of up to nearly 10 million VND. In addition, at some dealers, customers buying Suzuki Ciaz also receive more gifts and accessories.

Size B sedan discount when Toyota Vios 2021
Suzuki Ciaz is enjoying a 50% discount on registration fees

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Attrage model is also receiving many incentives from the dealer. Customers who buy Suzuki Attrage also receive a discount of 50% of the registration fee and accompanying gifts. As a result, the MT and CVT Mitsubishi Attrage models are being reduced by VND 19 and 23 million, respectively.

Size B sedan discount when Toyota Vios 2021
The Mitsubishi Attrage model also receives many incentives

Contrary to the two B-class sedans mentioned above, Toyota Vios’s “stubborn” rival, Hyundai Accent, did not launch any incentives or promotions. However, compared to the selling price at launch, Hyundai Accent is currently down tens of millions of dong and sold at its suggested price. Not long ago, Hyundai Accent was sold by the team up to 35 million VND and there was a situation of “beer with peanuts” at many dealers.

Size B sedan discount when Toyota Vios 2021
Hyundai Accent is priced at tens of million dong lower

Class B sedan segment is a “golden” market in Vietnam when many models in this segment continuously contribute to the top 10 best-selling cars in the market each month. For example, Toyota Vios is currently the best-selling car model in Vietnam with sales in 2020 reaching 30,251 cars or Hyundai Accent with 20,776 cars sold to the market in 2020.


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