The explosion in Beirut from an expert perspective

The explosion in Beirut from an expert perspective

(News 24h) – After the Lebanese President said that the country was investigating the possibility of missiles and bombs as the culprit, there were many comments on this matter.

Former CIA agent Robert Baer said that the terrible explosion in Beirut killed 100 people and injured thousands more likely due to the military weapon inside. More than just ammonium nitrate:

“Observing many clips of the explosion I fully believe that military weapons also played a part in it, not just ammonium nitrate. However, I have been working there for many years, so even with weapons Military, also no one will admit because it is considered stupid act “.

Her place in Beirut is covered by experts
Images of explosions in Beirut.

Danilo Coppe, from Parmesan, Italy, is recognized by the Daily Mail as one of the country’s leading experts on explosives. He believes the August 4 blast was not caused by ammomium nitrate because its mushroom cloud is orange, according to video from the explosion.

Ammonium nitrate explodes, creating a characteristic yellow cloud. “There could be another catalyst, because otherwise they wouldn’t explode at the same time.

You can clearly see an orange column turning close to bright red, a characteristic of lithium involvement. This substance in the metal form is the jet fuel of military missiles. I think there may be military weapons, ”he said.

Experts Coppe said that there was a larger explosion occurred before, causing the fire to catch up to where the weapons are stored. The explosion is said to be one-fifth the level of the blast in Hiroshima. Currently, Coppe’s judgment is just a personal hypothesis, without the confirmation of the authorities or responsible organizations.

However, before speculating that the explosion in Beirut could be related to weapons, Lebanese President Michel Aoun himself said that the authorities were investigating in the direction that the missile or the bomb could be the defense. it caused a terrible explosion in Beirut.

“The cause of the explosion has not been determined. It is likely that it was caused by external interference through a missile or bomb or any other action,” Lebanese President Michel Aoun said of the investigation of the explosion at Beirut.

Mr. Aoun also said that the investigation agency is considering whether the explosion occurred due to irresponsibility or just an accident. Earlier, Mr. Aoun said tons of explosive chemicals had been stored in warehouses in the port of Beirut under unsafe conditions for many years.

However, a final conclusion about the cause of the Beirut explosion still takes more time to come to an answer.

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