The devilish bug: helpless in the face of the invasion

The devilish bug: helpless in the face of the invasion

You prepare your home for the arrival of the cold season, to make it warm and welcoming. You may have been thinking of hosting relatives, friends, or family, but this year you may have to deal with another type of unwanted host: the evil bug. Don’t be scared off by her name, she is not dangerous.

The devilish bug, its scientific name Halyomorpha halys, seems to have chosen France as the new country of residence after having ravaged the United States, Asia and Italy. Present in France since 2012, and in Paris since 2016, it has been reported in almost all districts of the capital and many departments everywhere in France since September 2018. This highly invasive species likes to congregate in large numbers on windows, buildings, houses, and balconies to try to take refuge in the warmth, inside the accommodation.

The scourge of farmers

Of Asian descent, she is gray and brown, and its wings are hard. It flies easily, and its size is larger than that of the green bug: it can measure up to 1.7 cm in length. It feeds on plant sap, by landing on leaves, fruits or buds, explain the experts of The Conversation. The evil bug is harmlessfor the human being : it does not sting and does not transmit diseases. Only a few cases of allergy have been observed in humans and domestic animals. However, this bug is a real plague for farmers, because it devastates cultures apples, pears, peaches, vines, corn, soybeans, etc.

A participatory science program was launched by the National Inventory of Natural Heritage and INRA, with the support of the ITE-SU of Sorbonne University with the aim of understanding the modalities of this invasion. Because if the diabolical bug is easy to handle by hand to be thrown outside, it becomes complicated to eliminate when it appears in a group.

To get rid of

The use of insecticides is possible, but undesirable because of their toxicity. “For the moment we are helpless in the face of the invasion and a certain passivity of decision-makers. So, participate in inventories, we need naturalist-citizens “, indicate the specialists on The Conversation. In the meantime, grandmother-based remedies garlic powder or mint essential oil can help you protect your windowsills, balconies, and gardens.

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