Static model car: Owning a million-dollar supercar with only a few hundred thousand

With only a few hundred thousand, you can satisfy your passion for supercars by owning the real Lamborghini Aventador, BMW i8, Rolls Royce, Mercedes … models.

In recent years, the static model hobby such as tanks, passenger cars, airplanes, trains … and especially cars, super cars are blooming in our country. This hobby has great appeal for almost all ages.

What is a car static model?

Static model car is a miniature version, simulating the design and design of a real car in a certain proportion. Depending on the design, materials as well as production techniques, the detailed simulation level of the static model vehicle will vary. The more detailed the simulation car is, the more it resembles a real car, the higher the price.

Static model car is a miniature version, simulating the design and style of a real car

In fact, a stationary car is also considered a toy, so it is also known as a model toy car. However, compared to conventional toys, the level of simulation and finishing of details is higher. Static model cars often simulate cars and super cars that are loved by many people.

Unlike a dynamic model vehicle that simulates the operation of the vehicle, a stationary model vehicle is not equipped with an engine, but only simulates the mechanical details inside. Therefore, it is simpler to play the static model car, the price of the stationary model is usually much cheaper than the one with the dynamic model. This is the reason why this model car is easy to reach and attracts many players today.

Material: Iron model car (metal) and plastic model car

There are two main materials for the manufacture of stationary cars that are used by most manufacturers: metal and plastic.

Car model iron (metal) Diecast

With this method, the manufacturer will melt iron, steel …, pour into a metal mold, and then press high pressure to create a model frame. Vehicle models produced by this method are called Diecast vehicles. This is the most common method of manufacturing model cars.

Metal static car models are called Diecast models

Diecast models have the advantages of high durability, high-precision details, even realism to each screw. Diecast models can open the door, open the engine compartment cover, turn the steering wheel … high-end models can also adjust the seat, the mirror …

The downside of diecast models is that the design is slow, and often produces large quantities so it is “crashed”. The cost and time it takes to produce a metal mold for a model car is quite large. Depending on the complexity of the vehicle, cost and time may be higher. Usually after at least 1 year from the time the actual model is launched, the new model diecast manufacturers can sell the model. In addition, due to the high cost of producing metal molds, it is imperative that the manufacturer have to sell large quantities to compensate.

Car resin model

To overcome the disadvantages of Diecast models, some manufacturers choose a new method of molding the chassis with silicone or rubber instead of metal. Model vehicles produced by this method are often referred to as resin vehicles.

Car models made of silicone or rubber are called Resin car lines

The production cost of plastic car molding is very low, only 1/100 of that of Diecast. Mold making time is also very short in just a few days. Therefore, after the actual model is released, the resin dealers can quickly release the model to catch the “heat” of the market.

In addition, the resin model model also has the advantage of a good imitation of the material, so it is difficult to distinguish if you just see the photo. In particular, because the cost and time to make molds are not high, it can be used to manufacture limited edition vehicles.

However, the Resin model car series are not as durable as Diecast due to plastic. Resin vehicles are susceptible to breaking, damaged if subjected to strong physical impact from the outside. If the sun is hot regularly, the car will deteriorate quickly. So with expensive models, owners often protect by placing the car in a glass frame to limit direct grip.

The resin model car line is not as durable as diecast due to plastic

The resin model car’s glossiness is also not as beautiful and durable as metal. To improve, manufacturers often apply 1 more layer of glue but also looks a bit fake and less luxurious. For fastidious players, they generally prefer diecast metal models over Resin.

Another big plastic point of plastic model cars is that the level of simulation of details is not as high as the general iron or metal model cars. The majority of resin model car models cannot open doors, engine compartment covers. Interior obscures such as the cockpit are not machined.

Ratio: The most popular 1/24 model car

The scale of a model vehicle is the ratio of the model to the actual vehicle dimensions. The scale number will tell us how small the car model is compared to the actual version. The smaller the scale number, the larger the car model will be.

For example, a car model with 1/24 ratio means that the simulated car model is 24 times smaller than a real car. All real vehicle length, width and height when divided by 24 will give the model car size.

1/18 scale car model

Car models have many different ratios such as 1/18, 1/24, 1/32, 1/36… In which the most popular is 1/24.

Price of car: High-end, mid-range and low-priced static car

Static model cars are classified into 3 main segments: high-end, mid-range and low-cost (also known as popular, popular).

High-end static model car

The high-end static model car has a very detailed simulation level, made from high-grade materials that feels very realistic and vivid. The price of high-end static models usually ranges from 10 million VND or more depending on the model, materials, rate and especially the rarity. There are models of supercars with limited versions of up to 40-50 million VND.

Prices for high-end static models usually range from VND 10 million or more

The world famous manufacturers specializing in producing high-end stationary models include Franklin-Mint, CMC, Hotwheels, Exoto, BBR …

Mid-level model car

The price of a mid-range model car usually ranges from 2 to 10 million VND. The manufacturers specialize in producing famous intermediate static models such as Minichamps, Autoart, Kyosho …

The price of a mid-range model car usually ranges from 2 to 10 million VND

Cheap car static model

Cheap static model cars are very popular. This model is suitable for those who are starting to play model cars. The price of cheap static car models is usually under 2 million, the most popular is under 1 million VND, quite soft, so it is easy to reach a large number of players. The manufacturers specialize in producing cheap static models such as Rastar, Welly, Bburago, Hotwheels …

Prices for cheap static models are usually under 2 million

Of course, “you can pay for it”, it is difficult to compare the level of perfection of the low-cost static model car with mid-end or high-end models. But today the quality of the cheap static model has been improved and upgraded quite a bit.

Static model cars are preferred

Lamborghini car models

Lamborghini is one of the most famous super sports cars from Italy. The “bull house” models always make the hearts of enthusiasts sobbed by their unique powerful design, which was inspired by the design from aerospace and space.

Lamborghini Aventador model
Lamborghini Aventador SV model
Lamborghini Huracan model
Lamborghini Veneno model
Lamborghini Urus model
Lamborghini Murcielago model

Porsche model

Speaking of Porsche, people will immediately think of the “legendary” car that has been launched for more than half a century, which is the Porsche 911 with the distinctive beetle shape. Although the design is not aggressive, not strong, and not as aggressive as many other sports cars like the Porsche 911, it always has an irresistible appeal to the classic model car enthusiasts.

Porsche 911 model

BMW i8 models

BMW owns a very famous luxury sports car in its “Project i” future car project, the BMW i8. The BMW i8 model is chosen by many model car players to include in their collection for its impressive design, bearing many hallmarks of future car styling.

BMW i8 models

Rolls Royce model

Rolls Royce is a prestigious British luxury car company, attracting cars with superficial designs and power. If the supercar models are loved by many dynamic young people, the Rolls Royce model is preferred by those with a more calm personality.

Rolls Royce model

Mercedes model car

Talking about legendary luxury car manufacturers can not ignore the name Mercedes-Benz. Although the real Mercedes version is not as expensive as the super sports car or super car, the Mercedes model is still popular with many people.

Mercedes car model

Static model hobby car: Easily own the whole set of super cars

Today’s stationary car play is a hobby almost irrespective of age. From a boy to an old man can become “real players”.

Most of the static model players are people who love and have a great passion for cars, especially super cars. If real super cars are too expensive, priced from a few thousand to a million dollars, sometimes out of reach, owning a collection of miniature supercars also helps people satisfy more or less. .

According to Mr. Minh, the owner of a stationary model car shop in Ho Chi Minh City, shares: “You don’t have to love cars, you have to own a supercar with millions of dollars, only giants dare to dream. Now only a few hundred to have a real version supercar. Very good model car hobby. Feeling of ordering, then waiting anxiously, until we have the car in hand, I excitedly knocked the box, all day cleaning, looking at … very happy. In the past, I only played cars, collected cars, later switched to selling static models ”.

Supercars are sometimes not necessary to own a supercar. There are many ways to indulge your passions, and playing model cars is one of the ways to make it easy to have an entire fleet of super cars worth a fortune.

Minh Nguyen

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