Model in the abandoned villa

Second Hunt Campaign – Shot on Pentacon Six & Kodak Portra 160 – by Kornelia Konieczka

It is truly interesting that we’re now experiencing a new way of thinking about consumption, at least amongst my generation. ‘Authentic’ is supposed to be the word for generation Z. I heard that term quite late I think – it was on a social media course a couple of months back. Those born between the late ’90s and early 2000s are portrayed as seeking authentic experiences, sincerity, and truthful imagery. We supposedly want to see things as they are.

And by a happy coincidence, this phenomenon happened to be one of the issues I wrote about in my masters thesis this year. I wrote about social constructs, how we create an idea of a place, and how a young, creative community seeks genuine sensations and creates common associations.

You are perhaps thinking I drifted away from my point already, but I do think that nostalgia and the striving for realness are both linked with the recent, enormous growth of interest in vintage second-hand fashion, as well as the revival of film photography.

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Lookbook, medium format portrait in color

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Isn’t it a big thing now? VHS aesthetics, adding grain to digital images, ’90s tools and means of communicating have all made a comeback. We may speculate as to whether this is just a trend, or if it has its roots in a real feeling of longing. But one thing is for sure – reusing vintage fashion, aside from the aesthetic appeal, is also much friendlier to the environment. As we all know, the fashion industry is a major contributor to global pollution. I love to see trends going towards a sustainable future, and if it’s the new cool, I’m up for it!

Second Hunt Photoshoot

The Second Hunt campaign which I shot is successfully promoting this kind of approach. Zuza – the owner of the vintage second-hand fashion store in Poznań, Poland – strongly believes that individual changes lead to bigger transformations. To promote her business and beliefs, she actively takes part in creating visuals for the store, and she is pretty consistent about it. Visiting her profile will not disappoint you – a little bit of art history, design, and great fashion. To follow her visions, we decided to collaborate and shoot fashion together.

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in color

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in color

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Medium format

When it comes to shooting film, I almost entirely skipped 35mm cameras. Firstly I bought myself an old Smena 8 that was quickly replaced by a Minolta SRT 101, but I didn’t feel totally satisfied with the results. So I decided to try medium format, as the difference in the final image was quite big for me.

I still feel more comfortable with digital, but I like to shoot that one film roll to add an extra flavor. During this shoot, I operated similarly. I shot most of it on my Canon EOS 70D. The film shots shown here were taken on Kodak Portra 160 on a Pentacon Six that I really enjoy for its viewfinder, framing and the way it portrays reality. WIth film, you have that extra thrill of waiting for the result, you never know (at least in my case…)

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in color, close-up

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in black and white

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Zuza picked the location – an abandoned villa that was supposedly a home for the Polish mafia back in its glory days, I suppose late 90s – early 2000s. Some say it was abandoned in 2002. We shot 7 looks, every piece is a premium brand from the old days. The residence is indeed quite huge, so we decided to shoot in different locations. I have to say that the girls are exceptionally talented when it comes to styling and creating a certain look or feel – they worked hard, and it shows in the results.

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in color

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160.

Vintage store photoshoot, medium format portrait in color, double exposure

Shot on Pentacon Six, Portra 160. Double exposure.


Developed by Poznański Analog
More of the shoot here Campaign – Abandoned Place

I’d love to see you on my Instagram where I post most of my photos.

Model & stylist Weronika Judkowiak  
Photographer Kornelia Konieczka
Make up Karolina Przywecka
Art direction & second hunt owner Zuza Przywecka 

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Kornelia Konieczka

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