Russia, China, Iran gave short comments on the riots in the US

Russia, China, Iran gave short comments on the riots in the US

On January 7, commenting on the riots that occurred at the US National Assembly building, China compared this event with the one in Hong Kong that happened to this country.

Russia, China, and Iran are all over the country
American protesters broke into the National Assembly building on January 6. Photo: Reuters

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hoa Xuan Oanh condemned “thugs” for participating in a riot at the Capitol in Washington, DC. The protest in Hong Kong (China) in 2019 originally took place during peace but later turned riot with protesters stormed the city’s legislature on 1/6 of that year.

Ms. Hoa Xuan Oanh said that the US should say why the country has different views on these two events, while the invasion of the legislature in Hong Kong (China) is “more serious” than the other recent developments in Washington but no protesters were injured.

The Chinese diplomat referred to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments regarding the mass protest in Hong Kong (China) with the description as “an admirable sight”. With the US praising the Hong Kong (China) protesters as heroes and pledging to “stand by them” while taking a different stance on the actions in the US is what Beijing considers “unreasonable. seriously think ”.

Meanwhile, Moscow remarked that this was a manifestation of “a rupture in American democracy”.

Speaking to the press, Ms. Zakharova made clear that the events that happened on January 6 were an internal matter of Washington. However, the Russian diplomat argues that this proves the US electoral system is outdated and does not meet modern democratic standards, giving the opportunity to many breaches and the American media having become successful. instrument of a political fight.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry added that she hoped “the friendly American people will experience a dramatic moment in their history with dignity”.

The riots on January 6 in the US are considered to have never happened in history. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that Trump’s supporters’ infiltration of the Capitol proves how weak Western democracy is.

According to RT, on January 7, President Rouhani sharply criticized the democracies of the West, saying that future American leaders should learn from what happened on January 6, making 4 Americans. die.

Mr. Rouhani reiterated the damage that President Trump has inflicted on the international arena, especially blaming Mr. Trump for “having dealt a heavy blow” to Syria, Palestine and Yemen. The President of Iran described Mr. Trump as “the man at fault”, saying the US leader’s populism is to blame.

The President of Iran expressed his hope that the new US administration would be able to come back to law for the benefit of the United States and the people of the world. “Those who will take power in the White House must revise and bring the American people – a great nation back to their rightful place” – Mr. Rouhani concluded.

Mr. Trump blocked Twitter, Facebook …

A Twitter spokesperson on the morning of January 7 (the evening of January 7, Hanoi) confirmed US President Donald Trump had removed three posts labeled by Twitter for violating the Election Integrity policy. Therefore, he can be reopened social accounts. This is an effective communication channel for the US President when he used them to attract a large number of voters to protest in front of the US Congress.

Before locking the account, Twitter took turns labeled two posts by the US President, including a video calling for supporters to storm the Capitol to retreat, while praising the crowd and repeated claims of fraud. voter fraud.

“This is a fraudulent election, but we cannot benefit these people,” Trump said in the video. “We must have peace. So go home. We love you. You are very special. You have seen what happened. You see how others are treated badly and badly. I know. How do you feel. But go home and rest. “

The second post repeated the same tone when calling for supporters to go home and claim his “landslide victory”.

“These are the things and the events that happen when a landslide victory in the sacred election is unjustly and brutally stripped from the great patriots who have been mistreated. and injustice for a long time. Go home with love and in peace. Remember this day forever! “.

So far, Mr. Trump still faces the risk of being deposed before transferring power on January 20.

Russia, China, and Iran are all over the country
US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks in Washington on January 7. Photo: REUTERS

Ms. Nancy Pelosi joined Democratic leader in the US Senate Chuck Schumer calling for the activation of the 25th Amendment of the constitution to handle the case.

“In calling for this riot, the president launched a ‘no-word’ attack against the nation and its people. I joined the Democratic leadership in the Senate in calling for the deputy-general. The president removed this president by activating the 25th Amendment immediately “- Ms. Pelosi said.

If the vice president does not act, Congress will impeach Mr. Trump, the House Speaker stressed.

“Justice must be exercised on those who have committed these acts of violence and degrading. Those who aim to prevent our responsibility, they have failed,” she emphasized.

Earlier, Chuck Schumer, the leader of Democrats in the Senate, also called for Mr. Trump not to hold office for another day and if the vice president and the cabinet refused to comply with his proposal, then Congress. need to summon to impeach the president.

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