Revealing the 'minimalist' film camera inspired by the stylish neon tones of the Balenciaga fashion house 3 minutes to read

Revealing the ‘minimalist’ film camera inspired by the stylish neon tones of the Balenciaga fashion house 3 minutes to read

Film cameras have transformed since the 20th century, opting instead to enter the ever-evolving market for digital cameras and smartphone cameras, but there’s something to do with accuracy. and film camera sharpness, along with the patience required for it still persist in Instagram filters – many of us still love to film, that’s never going to change.

Inspired by dazzling neon lights to show Balenciaga’s eclectic personality as well as film camera and film technique of Dongjae Koo equipped with fluorescent immersion 35mm film to capture the powerful energy behind the famous fashion house’s latest campaign.

Koo has designed five different 35mm film reels in neon pink, yellow, green, blue and purple colors. Although the film filter can be viewed as an accessory to the camera, giving each developed photo a desired filter or effect such as the washed light and neon imprint, this camera will be Its designed to use filters. With a relative standard of ISO 400, film’s Koo perfect for daylight, dusk, and indoors – perfect for editorials, lookbooks or group photos on Instagram.

The film camera itself has a rather sophisticated look with a hint of color on the glossy, matte steel body, alongside a tone reminiscent of some runway designs covered in Balenciaga’s mysterious black. . Balenciaga’s outstanding character is reflected in this camera with its minimalistic, no-frills metal construction made up of Balenciaga’s collection of duffle bags and wallets in various colors and patterns.

The overall design of Koo including physical film camera and accompanying film filters, ready to use for every scene. Overall, the design remains similar to other film cameras with intuitive locks, dials and shutter buttons to open and close the camera’s film compartment or change shutter speed and focus. The camera’s digital interface then tells the user how many shots have been used per reel, zoom aperture, and the option to use a timer. By intertwining modern digital language with classic and authentic hardware, Koo bridging the world of today’s comfort with yesterday’s proven struggles.

As the new film camera design as of Dongjae Koo Entering today’s market, the world of classic designs has converged with modern values ​​and practices to maintain the relevance behind film cameras. We love taking pictures all the time, that’s the subject and why has changed over the years.

Today, due to the popularity of smartphones and social media, the fashion world is at our fingertips closer than ever before and is inspiring more global designers. to grasp its suitability. Take pictures if you want, as we have learned, they will last longer.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: yankodesign

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