Realme C12 detailed review: Better performance, better camera, more buffalo battery, ...

Realme C12 detailed review: Better performance, better camera, more buffalo battery, …

It can be said that Realme C12 is a continuation version of Realme C11 that has been released before. The improvements can be seen quickly on this Realme phone such as better performance, better camera, and more buffalo battery. Let’s take a closer look through the Realme C12 detailed review offline.

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The battery life of the Realme C12 has 2 days of remaining remaining

Equipped with a 6,000 mAh capacity battery, Realme C12 has a terrible battery life. With my normal usage, it takes more than 2 days to recharge the phone. I mainly use listening, calling, surfing social networks, watching YouTube and sometimes playing games. For those who need less use, this number can be up to 3 days.

realme c12
The Realme C12 has a lot of battery life.

Of course, I still don’t forget to rate the battery life of the Realme C12 in the standard conditions below:

  • Experience 4 rotating tasks including: Chien Lien Quan (max setting), watching YouTube, surfing Facebook and using the browser (Chrome).
  • Each task 1 hour.
  • Backlight 100%.
  • 100% headphone volume.
  • Do not activate battery saver mode or adaptive screen.
  • Turn on high performance mode.
  • Open 4G connection and social media notifications.
  • GPS, Bluetooth and NFC are not turned on.
realme c12 battery board
Battery life table of Realme C12.

The charger that comes with Realme C12 has an output index of 5V – 2A, fully charging time of Realme C12 is about 3 and a half hours if charging from 0% battery. Details of charging time can be found in the table below.

realme c12 battery charging time
Realme C12 battery charging time table.

Realme C12 owns up to 3 cameras for additional macro shooting function

Let’s review the 3-camera cluster parameters on the Realme C12:

  • The main camera has 13 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture, phase detection.
  • Additional camera depth measuring 2 MP resolution, aperture f / 2.4.
  • Macro camera 2 MP resolution, f / 2.4 aperture.

Compared to the Realme C11 dual-camera phone, the Realme C12 has one more camera that handles macro photography. Although the macro camera has only 2 MP resolution, but the captured image still shows high detail, we can clearly see the pistil detail inside.

photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in macro mode – The condition is bright enough.

In bright enough conditions, photos taken from Realme C12 give clear image quality, true colors. One point I like on the Realme C12 is that the shutter speed of the machine is very fast.

photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in automatic mode – The condition is bright enough.
photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in automatic mode – The condition is bright enough.

In complicated lighting conditions, the HDR feature I activated helps balance the bright and dark colors in the image.

photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in automatic mode – Complex lighting conditions.
photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in automatic mode – Low light conditions.

In addition, we also find the night mode on Realme C12 is also much improved. In addition to better light capture, this mode is also refined by AI, helping to reduce the brightness from light sources like light bulbs for a better picture.

Left: Photo taken in automatic mode – Right: Photo taken in night mode.

Finally, the photo of Realme C12 is still fine as ever. Although I shoot in a dimly lit environment like the ability to erase the camera’s fonts is still very good.

photo taken from realme c12
Photo taken in font deletion mode – Low light conditions.

In general, the camera on the Realme C12 takes good photos, has added macro photography features, plus the advantages inherited on the Realme C11 such as fast, sharp, realistic photo quality.

The performance of the Realme C12 is slightly improved

Also the Helio G35 chip as on Realme C11, but Realme C12 is upgraded from 2 GB RAM to 3 GB, so maybe so, the performance of Realme C12 will be a little higher.

Realme C12’s Antutu score is 95,631, single-core Geekbench is 169 points and multi-core Geekbench is 943 points. These can be said to be quite modest numbers because Realme C12 belongs to the low-cost segment.

realme c12 performance
Left: Antutu score – Right: Geekbench score.

Next, we will try to play some lightweight games with Realme C12. All performance evaluation data used by the Prefdog software, you can review here.

The first is Angry Birds 2 playing smoothly on Realme C12. The bombardment phase of the project is recreated with a beautiful rupture effect. Only the transition between the levels will load the game a little bit long.

realme c12 game play
Average FPS: 39.3 – Var FPS: 6.15.

In the game running forever, we have the candidate Temple Run 2. In addition to the money shake, we see the action of swiping, jumping, sliding, or cheap left / right all receive the correct touch.

realme c12 game play
Average FPS: 58.6 – Var FPS: 4.49.

Next when coming to the fruit guillotine game, Realme C12 gives very smooth playability. As you can see, I’m just afraid of slashing, not jerky, lag happening.

realme c12 game play
Average FPS: 54.4 – Var FPS: 48.43.

Finally, I also challenge Realme C12 with League of Legends Mobile game. This time, I leave all game configurations at the lowest level, only for high FPS. I was surprised that the League of Legends could play smoothly at 60 FPS on Realme C12, without feeling jerky, lag and FPS dropped very little, at the lowest point down to 57 FPS.

Realme c12
Average FPS: 58.9 – Var FPS: 1.54.

It can be said that, compared to the Realme C11 generation, the Realme C12 has improved quite well in terms of performance, meeting your basic light entertainment needs.

The design of the Realme C12 is still as youthful as ever and has an additional fingerprint sensor

Looking through the back of Realme C12, we will see that this phone is decorated with diagonal cuts, creating a sense of dynamism. Along with that at the top will have an additional fingerprint sensor, something that the Realme C11 does not have.

realme c12
Although using plastic material, the back of Realme C12 is still very sturdy.

Also owns a square camera cluster, but this time, Realme C11 has one more camera with macro photography function as I mentioned above.

realme c12
The point I like on the Realme C12 is that the camera cluster is not too protruding on the back.

Basically, the design of Realme C12 is not too different from the Realme C11.

realme c12
On the right side of the phone will be the volume up and down buttons and the power button.
realme c12
The left edge will only have the SIM slot and memory card.
realme c12
The top edge is as smooth as the Realme C11.
realme c12
The bottom edge will be the gathering place of the 3.5mm headphone port, micro USB charging port and external speaker.

Returning to the front, I am not too surprised that the Realme C12’s screen is still similar to the Realme C11. Still the 6.5-inch screen with HD + resolution will save battery power and give longer usage time.

realme c12
Water drop screen on Realme C12.

In fact, I use the Realme C12 screen to show a moderate brightness, enough for outdoor use. Although only HD + resolution, but still for good visibility, bright colors.

In general, in the design, the Realme C12 is upgraded with a fingerprint sensor and a camera on the back.


It can be said that Realme C12 is a comprehensive upgrade from Realme C11, from design, camera to performance and battery life. But perhaps the highlight that I find the most wonderful is the battery life of this phone. Drivers running Grab, delivering goods, … can have an option for a cheap phone, buffalo battery, for all day work.

What do you think about the Realme C12? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Realme C12


Display: 6.52 “, HD +Chip: MediaTek Helio G35 8 coresRAM: 3 GB, Internal memory: 32 GBRear camera: Main 13 MP & Secondary 2 MP, 2 MPFront camera: 5 MPPin: 6000 mAh

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