Pepsi launched an epic new ad

To promote the upcoming J-Cola product, Pepsi has set aside huge budgets for the “fire monsters” and Japan’s most popular stars.

Recently, promoting J-Cola products exclusively for Japan, Pepsi has released a promotional video of only 60s but extremely impressed, it can be said that this is “Mad Max” Japanese version..

Advertising video for Pepsi J-Cola is monumental and eye-catching “Mad Max”.

This majestic traditional Japanese festival video is the result of the crew of hundreds of people, not to mention 150 professional dancers and bright stars in the entertainment industry of Phu Tang.


The epic music in the J-Cola commercial was performed by Sugizo, Nyango Star, Sayuri Ishikawa, DJ Rena and KenKen. They are all names and make a lot of contributions to the unique entertainment industry in Japan.

Main vocalist Sayuri Ishikawa, one of Japan’s most successful enka (traditional acting) singers.

Nyango Star, the mascot of the rock band X-Japan, also joined the stir.

In addition to Pepsi’s signature blue color, the promotional video also highlights the traditional Japanese element through the constant appearance of the tsunami “The Great Wave from Kanagawa” on the outfit and the bottle of J-Cola.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing the sophistication of the Pepsi J-Cola ad:

The process of making promotional video for Pepsi J-Cola.

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* Source: Young intellectuals


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