# On hand cheap: Plastic shelf, multi-purpose toothbrush holder, wall mounted without OENEN drill

The top side looks down:
– 1 position for inverted toothpaste tube, 1 deep compartment and 1 flat surface for many miscellaneous items.

– There is also a drawer, anyone who wears a watch to take a bath and forgets to remove it and throw it in here.

The price is 159,000 VND for that shelf, the shelf to hang towels is up to 139,000 VND to hang each towel. Goods shipped from the next country, ship a bit long, nearly 2 weeks, with code freeship with a code of 10,000 VND. You go to shopee find the name of the shop.

Personal rating:
The finishing quality is good, the joints are a bit open, the overall is solid. Hang brushes, more convenient to get cream, to get more items for 1 person. Satisfied with 159.000d.


. (blacksun2511)

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