official support for DualSense and Xbox Series X / S controller

PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controllers can now be used with NVIDIA Shield and the GeForce Now streaming service.

NVIDIA, famous for its graphics cards in the PC world, also offers all-in-one gaming products and services. Among these, the NVIDIA Shield, and GeForce Now, one of the leading cloud gaming services. Thanks to this latest update, both will now be able to be used natively with the new controllers from Sony and Microsoft.

The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.  Credits: NVIDIA.
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro. Credits: NVIDIA.

As the shortage of next-gen consoles continues, and could continue, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controllers are fairly easy to find. If you’ve ever bought a next-gen console controller, but still haven’t got your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, you can now temporarily fall back on NVIDIA products. Like Steam, which also added compatibility for DualSense, NVIDIA in turn decided to offer this support. It is therefore possible to connect the DualSense or the Xbox Series X / S controller in Bluetooth with the Shield, and GeForce Now, without any problem.

NVIDIA Shield and GeForce Now: next gen and Android games, playable with PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controllers

For DualSense, just keep the “PS” and “Share” buttons pressed simultaneously until you get a blinking blue light. With the Xbox Series X / S controller, one press of the pairing button on the top of the controller is enough. Either of these controllers will be connected within seconds and can be used immediately.

Thanks to this new compatibility, it will be possible to play Android or GeForce Now games directly on your TV, with new generation controllers. On the other hand, the special features of the DualSense, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, are not there. At least not for the moment. The innovative aspect of the DualSense has undeniable potential, but it is still underutilized. This aspect will probably be more present in the next games that will be released on the Sony console. In the meantime, the DualSense and the Xbox controller offer wide compatibility, even if it is not always official..

SourceĀ : CNET

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