Monaco – The paradise of the supercars converge

Monaco is the ideal destination for supercar fanatics, where you can encounter a myriad of “hot” models.

Super cars are not uncommon in the world, but there are places called supercar paradise when the number of supercars is the most diverse and expensive.

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Among the supercar paradise converging the world such as Dubai, London, Singapore, Qatar, Monaco is the most special country. You will find it hard to see popular models such as Honda Civic, Toyota Vios … here because Monaco attracts a large number of rich people thanks to its special tax policy which is completely tax free.

Monaco with a small area of ​​about 2 km², a large population but with one third of the population is a millionaire, so the second smallest country in the world located in Europe is a favorite destination for the super-rich. Monaco is not only a supercar paradise that converges favorite car enthusiasts, but it is also a place to be wanted by paparazzi.

The group of rich children playing super cars

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It is famous for its casinos, yachts and super cars. Monaco is regularly selected as the destination for auto events or the presence of many special cars in the world at the annual Top Marques Monaco Show, which has many of the fastest, most powerful supercars and Most expensive gathered. The newly launched super car “parcel” will come to Monaco for an event or be hunted by giants to bring it here to run.

All extremely beautiful and irresistible

The most expensive or latest models can also be easily found in the supercar paradise converging Monaco like the Intensa Emozione has a special design like a fighter engine, bird door part, V12 gasoline engine. naturally aspirated, 6.3L capacity for 769 horsepower capacity. Most recently, the fans in Monaco also admire the $ 1.9 million Koenigsegg Regera supercar with the 5.0L Biturbo V8 petrol engine hybrid hybrid drive system for 1,500 horsepower rolling capacity. This super car is also equipped with optional Ghost Package such as tail spoiler, carbon fiber details to increase sportiness.

Super car gathering

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In Monaco, you will also easily encounter “combo”, this is the word used by supercar paparazzi to describe the frames with up to 2 3 super expensive super cars. Supercars converging in Monaco in addition to the original models, there are also modified cars from car builders such as Liberty Walk, Mansory, FAB Design with super expensive package …

Thanh Lam

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