Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go” real machine review! Surface that is compact and has a good design!

Main image of Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Actual machine review of “Microsoft Surface Laptop Go”is. The review machine is my purchase.

First, I reviewed and found out“Recommended points / features”When“Notes, etc.”I will give you.

You can check the points and precautions just by looking here.

    ■ Recommended points / features

  • Compact body with 12.4-inch display
  • It is compact and easy to carry.

  • [A]With the key[あ]You can switch between English input and Japanese input using the key
  • Spacebar left and right[変換]When[無変換]Abolished the key[A]When[あ]The key is installed.

  • The design is also ◎ with a metal material finish
  • Touch compatible
  • Equipped with Core i5-1035G1, performance that can be used compactly

    ■ Notes, etc.

  • Glare display, so you have different tastes
  • ▲ It’s a glare display, so it’s vivid, but it’s easy to see.

  • [変換]With the key[無変換]No key
  • [A]Key·[あ]With the addition of the key[変換]Key·[無変換]The key is gone.
    [変換]Key·[無変換]Please be careful if you use a lot of keys.

  • Fewer interfaces
  • Touch compatible, but not pen compatible

    ■ Other words

  • The photo on the manufacturer page is an English keyboard, but the shipped product is a model of a Japanese keyboard.
  • ▲ The shipped product is this keyboard (tap or click to enlarge)

    At present (as of October 8, 2020), there are no plans to sell English keyboard models at Microsoft stores in Japan.

>> Take a look at Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go” on the official website icon

▶ Take a look at Microsoft Surface Laptop Go on the official website

■ Surface Laptop Go specs

THE Windows 10 Home (S mode)
* S mode can be canceled
display 12.4 type Resolution 1536 x 1024 (aspect ratio 3: 2), touch compatible
CPU Intel Core i5-1035G1
memory 4GB / 8GB
storage 64GB eMMC / 128~256GB SSD
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics
size 278.18×205.67×15.69mm
weight 1,110g

* Specifications as of October 13, 2020. It is subject to change in the future.

■ Specifications of this review machine
Core i5-1035G1, memory 8GB, 128GB SSD

table of contents

  • ――Ease of use check ――
  • ▶ Keyboard
  • ▶ Speaker
  • ▶ Display

    • Glare (glossy) liquid crystal makes it easy to reflect
  • ▶ Battery life
  • ▶Quiet
  • ▶ Size
  • ▶ Actual weight: 1121 grams
  • ▶ Interface
  • ――Checking processing performance ――
  • ▶CPU performance
  • ▶ SSD data transfer speed
  • ▶ Graphics performance
  • ――Appearance and other checks ――
  • ▶ Appearance
  • ▶ Accessories etc.
  • ▶ Review summary of Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go”

――Ease of use check ――

▶ Keyboard

▲ Tap or click to enlarge

Equipped with a soft touch keyboard.

this time,New keyboard layout never seen beforeIt is also a big feature that is adopted.

Spacebar left and right[変換]When[無変換]Abolished the key[A]When[あ]The key is installed.

▲ To the left and right of the space key[A]When[あ]Have a key

[あ]When you press the key, it becomes Japanese input,[A]Press the key to enter English.

It helps to reduce mistakes such as “I thought it was English input, but it was Japanese input”.

When I actually used it, I thought it was easy to use,[変換]When[無変換]It may be a shame for those who use a lot of keys.


For the function keys (F key), the unique functions of Surface are prioritized.

F key

▼ Although it is a shallow dent, there is a dent on the key top (the surface of the key), making it easier to fit your fingertips.

Key top up image

▲ The key top is exposed to light to create a dented line.

The keyboard typing sound is quiet.

Keyboard up from diagonally above

The keyboard backlight is not installed.

Key pitch etc.

Although it is a compact body, it seems to have a key pitch (key-to-key spacing) close to 19 mm, which is said to be easy to type.

Key pitch

The palm rest was about as large as the palm of your hand could barely survive (if your hand is quite large, your entire palm may not survive).

Place your hand on the palm rest


A touchpad with a smooth feel.


The clicking sound when you press the touchpad is about normal.

▶ Speaker

Like the Surface Laptop 3, it has a built-in omnisonic speaker under the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Speaker

▲ You can hear the sound from around the circle.

Since the speaker grill is not exposed to the outside, it may give the impression that a muffled sound is produced, but
Sound omission is better than a laptop with a bottom speakeris.

Since the sound is less muffled than the bottom speaker, it also contributes to the ease of hearing the other party’s voice in telework.

When listening to music, depending on the sound source, I sometimes felt that it was like a laptop speaker.I think it’s a pretty good total.

▶ Display

The 12.4-inch PixelSense display is touch-enabled.

Since the aspect ratio (aspect ratio) is 3: 2, the aspect ratio is a little larger than that of a general laptop computer with 16: 9.

Even if you look at it at an angle, it will be a little dark and will not be overexposed.

Display front

Viewing angle check Viewed from the side

▲ Viewed from the side

▲ Seen from above

The display is designed to be opened with one finger.

▼ I tried to open the display. It will open up to this point.

A side view of the display up to the point where it can be opened

Color gamut

Color gamut

■ Cover rate

sRGB 98%
Adobe RGB 73%

* The values ​​are measured by us only, so there may be differences depending on the environment and measuring equipment.

The sRGB coverage is close to 100%, and considering the use of Surface Laptop Go, it will be a sufficient color gamut for most people.

Glare (glossy) liquid crystal makes it easy to reflect

The display on the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is bright and beautiful, but
Since it is a glare (glossy) display, it is easier to see in the image than a non-glossy display.

How the light is reflected on the display

When using an application with a white background such as Word or Excel, I don’t think it bothers me so much,
When using an application with a dark background, you may be concerned about the reflection.

▶ Battery life

■ Actual measurement of battery drive time

Manufacturer’s published value Up to 13 hours
Used for browsing the internet and typing text
(Load: Light)
7 hours 56 minutes
(Load: Medium)
4 hours 16 minutes
* Time until the battery level drops below 20%
Amount of battery that could be charged in 30 minutes About 41%

* Display brightness: Measured at 80%. The darker the display, the longer the battery life.

Tap (click) here to see the measurement conditions, etc.

■ Battery drive time measurement conditions for “used for browsing the Internet and typing text”

  • Display brightness:80%
  • Battery saving function: Turns on with 20% or less battery remaining
  • Web browsing: Open 5 tabs in your web browser and display the website in each tab. Each of those tabs is automatically reloaded every minute.
  • typing: Using software called BBench, typing input is automatically performed every 10 seconds.
  • In the above state, measure from 100% battery level.

■ About “PCMark 8 WORK”

It is a measurement test of the battery drive time with the software “PCMark 8”.
It also includes operational tests that have a significant impact on battery life, such as viewing 3D images on websites and video chatting.

It seems that it can be used for a long time if the load is light, but if you use it outside for a long time, you will have anxious battery life without an AC adapter or mobile battery.


I tried to see how noisy it would be when it was loaded.

Measured from a distance of 30 cm in height and 30 cm in depth from the hinge, taking into consideration the position of the ears during use.

When idle Almost silent
* You can hardly hear the operation sound even if you bring your ears closer.
Benchmark test Around 44db

Even if the fans are full and do their best, the impression is that the sound is not so loud.

You can use it in a quiet place such as a library without worrying about your surroundings.

■ Estimated noise (number of decibels)

Pretty noisy 70db In a noisy office
Noisy 60db Ordinary conversation in a moving car
ordinary 50db Quiet office
quiet 40db Quiet residential area, library
Very quiet 30db Midnight suburbs
Almost inaudible 20db The sound of snow

* The table is just a guide.

▶ Size

It is a size comparison with a semi-B5 notebook (university notebook).

Comparison of size of semi-B5 notebook (university notebook) and Surface Laptop Go

Surface Laptop Go thinness

University notebook 252×179mm
A4 size 297×210mm
Surface Laptop Go 278.18 x 205.67 (x thickness 15.69 mm)

The width x depth is smaller than A4 size, so it is easy to carry.

I put it in my business bag

Where to hold it aside

▶ Actual weight: 1121 grams

Where we are measuring the weight

Body About 1,121g
AC adapter + power cable About 213g

Considering it as a 12.4-inch laptop, it’s not lightweight.

▶ Interface

■Right side

Right side

① Surface Connect port

It comes with an AC adapter that connects to the Surface Connect port.

■Left side

Left side

① USB Type-A
② USB Type-C
③ 3.5mm headphone jack

There aren’t many interfaces.

By the way, I was able to connect an external monitor to the USB Type-C terminal to create a dual display.

There is no SD card slot, so if you want to use an SD card, you need an SD card reader.

Charging from mobile battery

Charging with a mobile battery

I was able to charge the Surface Laptop Go side from the USB Type-C terminal.

I was able to charge it with a relatively compact 29W output mobile battery.

* It is unconfirmed how much output the mobile battery can be charged from.

Take a look at “Surface Laptop Go” in the Microsoft store


――Checking processing performance ――

▶CPU performance

The CPU of this review machine is“Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor (4 cores 8 threads / 1.0-3.6GHz)”is.


PassMark CPU Benchmark Test Results: 8302

Average score of the same CPU in PassMark 8000The score is higher than, so the CPU performance is good.
* Average value as of October 23, 2020

In addition, all model CPU of Surface Laptop Go is Core i5-1035 G1(As of October 23, 2020)


  CINEBENCH R20 test results

Multi-core 1355
Single core 425

Sufficient performance for business use. However,If you use it for business, we recommend the model with 8GB of memory.

▶ SSD data transfer speed

SSD data transfer rate

It’s not particularly fast for an NVMe-compatible PCIe 3.0 x 4 SSD, but it’s overwhelmingly faster than a SATA-connected SSD or HDD.

By the way, Surface Laptop Go has a lineup from the specification of storage capacity of 64GB,If it is 64GB or 128GB, there is not much room in the capacity.

Since the capacity is taken up by the OS etc.The capacity that you can actually use is about 30GB less than the specified capacity.

“I rarely install software and don’t save much data.”

If so, I think 128GB is enough, butIf you use it as a main PC, SSD capacity 256GB or more is recommendedis.

SSD Information

SSD Information

It looks like an SSD made by SK hynix.

* Laptops of the same model number may be equipped with SSDs from different manufacturers.

▶ Graphics performance

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go graphics“Intel UHD Graphics”is.

3DMark score
Fire Strike 1644
Time Spy 505
Dragon Quest X Benchmark
Standard quality (1280×720) 7788 Very comfortable
Highest quality (1280×720) 6818 comfortable

* Since the display resolution is full HD or less (1536 x 1024), the benchmark is measured at a resolution of 1280 x 720.

FF14 Jet Black Villas Benchmark
Standard quality(1280×720) 5552 Very comfortable
high quality(1280×720) 4230 comfortable
Highest quality(1280×720) 2966 Somewhat comfortable

* Since the display resolution is full HD or less (1536 x 1024), the benchmark is measured at a resolution of 1280 x 720.
* Graphics settings are measured with settings for “notebook PCs” except for the highest quality.

Since the display resolution is less than Full HD (1536 x 1024), the benchmarks for Dragon Quest X and FF14 are the results at a resolution of 1280 x 720,
If it is 1280 x 720, it seems that you can play a light 3D game.

Take a look at “Surface Laptop Go” in the Microsoft store


――Appearance and other checks ――

▶ Appearance

The body color of Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go” is

  • Ice blue
  • Sandstone
  • platinum

Available in 3 colors.

The review machine this time is “Sandstone”.

The appearance of Microsoft Surface Laptop Go.Cool angle from diagonally above

The finish of the metal material has a good texture.

Appearance of Surface Laptop Go Diagonally above from the top plate side

▼ Matches with Surface mobile mouse.

▲ Surface mobile mouse

Palm rest up

The modern and simple design of the Microsoft logo is a nice accent.

Top plate logo up

The folded state from diagonally above

Polycarbonate composite resin containing glass fiber is used for the bottom surface.

Bottom of the main body

The power button has a fingerprint sensor so you can sign in even if you are wearing a mask.

Fingerprint authentication

* The cheapest 64GB storage model does not have a power button with fingerprint authentication.

▼ When fingerprint authentication is required, the power button will illuminate to let you know.

Also equipped with a 720p HD image quality f2.0 WEB camera (not compatible with face recognition).

WEB camera

▶ Accessories etc.

A set of accessories.

Image of accessories

  • AC adapter
  • power cable
  • manual
  • Office Home & Business 2019 Product Key
  • Warranty
  • Recycled seal

Is included.

▶ Review summary of Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go”

This is a summary of the reviews of “Microsoft Surface Laptop Go”.

Appearance of Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Despite its compact size, if you choose a model with 8GB of memory, it is a performance that can be used for business purposes.

The size and weight make it easy to carry, and the design is also good.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a laptop that is compact and can be used for work.

>> Take a look at Microsoft “Surface Laptop Go” on the official website icon

▶ Take a look at Microsoft Surface Laptop Go on the official website

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