Menstrual collector: positive and negative points

Menstrual collector: positive and negative points

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O menstrual collector it is a kind of cup, made of silicone, that collects the woman’s menstrual flow. It must be inserted into the vaginal canal during the bleeding period and deflated at frequencies ranging from four to 12 hours, depending on the abundance of the flow.

  • Features of menstrual collector

  • Positive points of the menstrual collector

    • Greener

    • Cheaper

    • More confortable

    • More hygienic and smelling

  • Negative points of the menstrual collector

    • Leak the first few times

    • Emptying in public toilets

Features of menstrual collector

It is reusable and can last up to 10 years. To do this, however, you should wash it with mild soap each time you empty it and perform a sterilization at the end of each menstrual cycle. Currently, there are two types of collectors on the market: one suitable for young people who have never had a child and the other for mothers and women over 30 years old.

Positive points of the menstrual collector


While the other absorbent models, whether internal or external, are disposable and must be thrown away with every bleed, the collector is more environmentally friendly, as it only needs to be emptied to be ready for new use.


Currently, a menstrual collector is found on manufacturers’ websites – there is even a national brand – by about R $ 80. On average, a woman spends R $ 150 to R $ 200 every year on tampons. With that, the savings can be realized in the sixth month of use of the collector.

More confortable

If inserted correctly, the menstrual cup adjusts to the woman’s vaginal canal and becomes almost imperceptible. With it, it is possible to practice any type of sport and carry out day-to-day activities in a peaceful way.

More hygienic and smelling

Because it is made of silicone, the menstrual cup makes women less likely to develop allergies and also inhibits the development of fungi that generate, among other diseases, candidiasis. In addition, the strong odor of menstruation is more easily dissipated since the vaginal canal is not stuffy as in the case of pads.

Negative points of the menstrual collector

Leak the first few times

The process of insertion of the menstrual cup into the vagina canal can be complicated in the first attempts and when it is introduced in the wrong way it can cause some discomfort to the woman, due to the pressure it puts on the walls of the organ and also cause leaks. Follow the instructions on the package insert correctly.

Emptying in public toilets

Emptying the menstrual collector in public toilets can create some inconvenience for the woman, since, especially in the first times, the collector removal process causes some leaks that can stain clothes of blood. Be alert!

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