Lim Young-woong, visual singing'cheerfulness'...  Face is well-being

Lim Young-woong, visual singing’cheerfulness’… Face is well-being

On the 28th, on the Wellmade YouTube channel, “[웰메이드 X 임영웅 인터뷰] Im Back!! A video titled “Lim Young-woong returned as a well-made model” was posted.

In the video, there is a picture of Lim Young-woong who is having a short interview with Wellmade.

He said he would like to ask for a lot of anticipation and support because I’ll show you a nice look.

Lim Young-woong’s warm visual was enough to attract the attention of netizens.

Meanwhile, WELLMADE, a lifestyle fashion store of fashion company Sejeong (CEO Park Soon-ho), announced that Lim Young-woong has been selected as an advertisement model for the 2020 F/W season.

Sejeong Wellmade said, “Im Young-woong is a sincere singer full of love and passion for Trot,” and “I decided that it fits the craftsmanship that the brand has pursued for high quality.” He added, “Im Heroic is influential with an image that gives a sense of trust and friendliness to all ages, not only middle-aged, but also young people, so it is expected in the second half following the popularity of’Trot Well Song’ in the first half.”

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = Wellmade YouTube Channel

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