Instructions for use of sprayers for interior cleaning solutions, car leather seats

Instructions for use of sprayers for interior cleaning solutions, car leather seats

With only 15 minutes, using a spray bottle of interior cleaning solution, car leather seats properly can remove all stains, disinfect and deodorize the car interior.

According to many studies, car interiors are one of the super dirty places. Because there are many places in the car where often using hands but little attention is paid to cleaning regularly. Plus, turning on the air conditioner or parking the car closed can easily cause humidity, creating conditions for bacteria. In the steering wheel, seats, car floor … scientists found more than 100 types of E.coli bacteria and dangerous intestines.

Therefore, car interiors very need to be cleaned regularly. According to the advice of experts, to ensure health safety, especially for small children, pregnant women or the elderly, car interior details should be cleaned periodically. To save costs every 6-12 months, you should take your car to the caregiver to have a professional car interior cleaning. Especially, combine self-cleaning car interior at home at least 1-2 times a week.

Currently, there are many specialized car interior cleaning solutions with simple usage, quick cleaning, not much effort and time.

What is car interior cleaning solution?

Car interior cleaning solution is a specialized chemical for cleaning, disinfecting surfaces in cars such as: taplo, steering wheel, car seat, car ceiling, car floor … Car interior solution Usually designed under a convenient spray bottle, with the main effects:

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces

Car interior cleaning solution contains surfactant compounds such as Surface Active Agent, Surfactant, Anionic … capable of removing dirt, grease … that stick on the surface while having antiseptic properties. high.

Car interior cleaning solution is capable of removing dirt and has high antiseptic properties
  • Maintain, refresh, and increase the shine of surfaces

In addition to the main effect of removing stains and disinfecting bacteria, many car interior cleaning sprays also have ingredients that maintain, refresh, and increase the shine of surfaces such as taplogs, steering wheel, seats. car, door handle …

  • Deodorize the interior

Long-term mold in the car will create an unpleasant odor. Car interior cleaning solution helps to remove stains, kill bacteria, and at the same time have the effect of deodorizing, bringing a gentle and pleasant scent to the car after cleaning.

Types of cleaning solutions for car interior and leather seats

If classified according to the nature of composition, car interior cleaning solution has 2 forms: liquid form and foam form.

Car interior cleaning water

This is a liquid car interior liquid. This type, when used normally, will not be used directly, but will spray on a towel or mix with clean water and then use a damp cloth to wipe on the surfaces to be cleaned. Due to the use of wipes, the ability to wash is not as strong as the direct spray. Therefore, car interior cleaner is usually only suitable for light stains, easy to clean.

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When using car interior cleaning water, do not spray directly but use a towel to wipe

Car foam interior cleaning spray

This is a foaming spray for car interior cleaning. This type when used will spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. Because the surfactants are in direct contact with the stain, their ability to disinfect and kill bacteria is higher. So foam car interior spray bottles are often preferred over water-based bottles.

Car interior cleaning sprays create foam when used directly on the surfaces, so the cleaning effect is higher

If classified according to their use, car interior cleaning sprays have two main types: a solution that specializes in cleaning a certain type of surface and multi-purpose solution.

Cleaning and maintenance solutions for car leather seats

Car leather seat cleaning solution is a type of solution used exclusively to clean leather surfaces in cars such as leather seats, leather upholstery on taploids, door cladding … This type of solution can only be cleaned. effective against leather.

Car leather seat cleaning solution is a type of solution specially used to clean leather surfaces in cars

Car seat cleaning solution

Car seat cleaning solution is a specialized solution for cleaning fabric and felt surfaces in cars such as felt seats, felt ceilings, felt floor … This type can only be effectively cleaned. surface felt.

Multi-purpose car interior cleaning solution

If the above solutions are only for a certain material, the multi-purpose car cleaning solution can effectively clean surfaces made of many different materials, from leather, fabric, felt to plastic. matte, glossy plastic, hard plastic, soft plastic, wood, imitation wood, imitation leather, silver plated, chorme …

Currently, car manufacturers use many different materials for vehicle interiors. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of having to buy each material for a separate cleaning solution, people often prefer to buy more versatile types of car interior cleaning bottles.

Multi-purpose car interior cleaning solution can be used on all different materials

What kind of car interior cleaning spray should I buy?

Like many other products, to achieve high efficiency, when buying car interior cleaning sprays, you should prioritize products with clear brands and origins. A line of car interior cleaning sprays currently popular can refer to it as ZADATO – Foam Cleaner.

ZADATO – Foam Cleaner is a foaming spray that only needs to be sprayed directly on the surfaces when used. This is a versatile car interior cleaning solution originating from Japan using advanced detergent technology for the ability to remove dirt from the root, deep clean, effectively disinfect all types of surfaces from skin, fabrics, felt to plastic, rubber, metal … The solution also adds curing agents, creates shine for surfaces, and helps to deodorize, providing a pleasant aroma.

ZADATO – Foam Cleaner is a versatile and highly effective foam cleaner that can be used on any surface of materials.

Besides ZADATO – Foam Cleaner, there are also a number of car interior cleaning products that are also quite popular such as:

  • Sonax car interior cleaning solution
  • Sonax leather car seat cleaning spray
  • 3M car interior cleaning solutions
  • 3M leather car seat cleaning spray
  • Shiny car interior cleaning water
  • Waxco leather car seat cleaning spray

Guide to use car interior cleaning spray


  • Car interior cleaning spray
  • Soft towels


Step 1: Shake the car interior cleaning spray vigorously, spray it on the cleaning surface on the car. Note spray evenly all over the surface to be cleaned, can be sprayed zigzag or spiral.

Step 2: Depending on the degree of dirt on the surface, you can wait 5 – 15 minutes for the foam to soak enough time to push away stubborn plaque.

Step 3: With leather upholstery or less dirt … such as steering wheel, taplo surface, car seat, car ceiling … use a clean towel completely. For heavily dirty locations such as car floors, felt seats … should use the brush head (included on the spray bottle cap) to scrub through once to aid in removing the stain, then use a towel to wipe again.

In cases where the car has not been cleaned for a long time, it is heavily soiled, a second spray can be done to completely remove the stain.

After using car interior spray, users do not need to wipe with any solution, including damp towels. Because in the aerosol solution, in addition to the cleaning ingredient, there is also a surface curing agent to enhance protection and increase shine.

Just spending 15 – 30 minutes weekly to clean the car interior is clean, minimizing potentially harmful pathogens, thereby protecting your health as well as family members. family.

In addition to self-cleaning, you can also upgrade the car’s interior, switch to using materials that are less dirty and easier to clean such as car leather ceiling covers, waterproof 6D floor mats, leather car seat cover if you are using a felt seat …

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